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Author Archives: Jonathan Kimak

Ultrasonic Eyeglass Cleaner

By Jonathan Kimak

Here’s a story I’ll share even though it will make me seem a tad stupid. I wear glasses(I gave up contacts long ago because of the daily hassle) and always had trouble keeping them clean. The sprays and special cloths didn’t work as much as I’d like, so one day I thought of a brilliant idea to keep the glasses really clean. I used Gojo, the orange pumice soap to remove some tough paint stains from the glasses. The glasses came clean and I began using Gojo regularly. That is until I had scratched the glasses so much that I finally noticed it and realized how dumb I had been.

So this little machine might be the thing for me since it means my newest pair of glasses won’t be touched by anything.

The Ultrasonic Eyeglass cleaner cleans glasses(and jewelry, CDs and many other items) by emitting sound waves at 42,000 Hz. The sound waves knock off all the dust and dirt leaving your glasses nice and clean and scratch free. There are multiple time settings and three power levels. And the cleaning box is large enough to hold two pairs of glasses.

You can order this online for $69.95 (Embarassing story not included).

[ Ultrasonic Eyeglass Cleaner ] VIA [ Tech Digest ]

USB Bunny Keeps Going And Going And…

By Jonathan Kimak

There are tons of USB gadgets out there to amuse us while we work. And while the people who invent these things usually want to appeal to a large market, this USB Humping Bunny seems like a niche market gadget.

The Humping Bunny is a 1GB USB drive with a plastic bunny attached to it. When you plug it into a USB slot the Bunny begins to perform the tender act of love on your computer. This could be amusing for about 2 minutes, after which you’re stuck with this little plastic lothario that just won’t stop giving it to your laptop.

If for some reason this still appeals to you, you can get one for $15.

[ USB Humping Bunnies ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]

Gecko Glue Is Probably The Strongest Glue Ever

By Jonathan Kimak

Well, there could be a stronger glue, I just don’t know about it yet. This glue, which is modeled after the sticky feet of geckos, is pretty strong stuff. 1 square inch of the stuff can support 220 pounds of weight. And since it acts like the gecko’s feet the glue can be removed and reapplied numerous times. The bottle of Coke in the picture is being supported by just 4 millimeters of the stuff.

So my thought(and yours and probably everyone else’s) was that it’s time to find that old Spiderman costume from halloween’s past and do some real wall climbing.

The glue is made from carbon nanotubes with small, curly carbon filaments on the ends that act like the little hairs in a gecko’s feet. But this glue is 10 times stronger than a gecko’s foot. And the glue can be used for non fanboy activities such as creating electronic components without the need of soldering.

[ MSNBC ] VIA [ Crunch Gear ]

It’s Me(Or You) In 3-D

By Jonathan Kimak

Lord knows there have been many times where I have felt the urge to somehow reach into my monitor and smack the person I’m talking to through their screen. And aside from really smacking someone this webcam is the next best thing(it also won’t get you brought up on assault charges).

The Minoru webcam captures photos and videos in 3-D. It can be used with Internet Messenger programs like Windows Live Messenger. The Minoru uses two lenses to capture your image in 3-D. In order to see the 3-D image though, your chat partner has to wear those dorky blue and red paper glasses.

So while you will see each other in 3-D, you’ll look rather silly. $100 price tag and it comes out in December.

[ Minoru 3D Webcam VIA [ Ubergizmo ]

I Bet You Could Survive World War Z In This Thing

By Jonathan Kimak

I’ve never been much for the tried and true camping, namely the one where you go out and pitch a tent. I like to go camping in style and comfort instead. And if my camping happens to ever be in zombie territory then I’d like this RV from Action Mobil.

The 2008 Globecruiser is 31 feet long, can store 219 gallons of fuel in its two tanks and can hold 154 gallons of water. It also has solar panels to charge up the batteries and power things like the lights.

Of course the main thing standing between you, the Globecruiser and a horde of undead flesh eating monsters is the $670,000 price tag. Well, if video games taught me anything, all you really need is a crowbar.

[ Globecruiser Brochure(PDF) ] VIA [ Born Rich ]

Good News For Rock Band 2 Wii Fans

By Jonathan Kimak

Rock Band 2 for the Wii is just one month away and since I don’t have a 360 but do have a Wii I’m rather excited about the release. Even better is the news from Harmonix, makers of RB2 for the Wii. If you have the Wii guitar from Guitar Hero III you will be pleased to know that it will work with RB2.

And chances are a lot of Wii owners did get Guitar Hero III instead of the original Rock Band that was stripped of many features in its conversion for the Wii. So if you’re a guitar only player you can save some money by just getting the Rock Band 2 game. Or get the whole package and have an extra guitar on hand.

Either way I’m looking forward to the release for the Wii, November 18.

[ Harmonix ] VIA [ Wii Fan Boy ]

LEGO Radiator For The Young(And Chilly) At Heart

By Jonathan Kimak

Italian company Scirocco has come out with a new radiator that is both effective and will likely make a great conversation piece to any house. The fully functional radiator is styled to look like a series of LEGO blocks. The radiator, named Brick, was designed by architect Marco Baxadonne.

The Brick is also a very effective radiator, with its large surface area it is able spread the heat around the room rather well.

If this doesn’t convince you to get one for your kid’s room(and your own room), then listen to this. The radiator is built in several pieces that you get to connect together, just like real LEGO blocks.


Number Of New Cars With Built-In Ipod Connections Passes 50%

By Jonathan Kimak

It seems like cars would have already jumped onto the iPod bandwagon long ago but this year just 39% of new cars had built-in connections for mp3 players like the iPod. Next year the number of new cars with iPod connectivity is estimated at 58%.

And while that is a big step up it still seems like the car manufacturers are acting very slowly to adapt to the newer music medium. It could be they don’t want a repeat of what happened to the CD players in cars that became nearly obsolete when mp3 players came out.

On a side note, bluetooth connectivity will be featured in 82% of new cars.

[ Techno Ride ] VIA [ Kicking Tires ]

Machine Turns Regular Candy Into Cotton Candy

By Jonathan Kimak

I’ve seen cotton candy makers in specialty kitchen stores before but I’ve never bothered buying one. The machines usually needed special order packages for you to make the cotton candy that it was easier to just find a store or local fair that sold it.

This machine however, can take a variety of hard candies, like Jolly Ranchers, and turn them into cotton candy. The best part is that you could make cotton candy in any flavor imaginable.

It is a little pricey($159 USD) but if you have a constant craving for cotton candy then this might be your dream machine. Note that OhGizmo is not responsible for any tooth decay.

[ Cotton Candy Machine ] VIA [ Technabob ]