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Wooden Mouse For The Green(And Rich) At Heart

By Jonathan Kimak

This mouse is really made of wood. It’s called the Jupiter Mouse and was created by Actbrise Electronics. It’s made from Chinese flowering ash(ironically found in Japan). In addition to the four buttons, the Jupiter Mouse is also motion sensitive and will move the on-screen cursor based on the direction and speed that you move the mouse. This is an expensive choice for a mouse at $232, but if you can afford it, it might be a nice way to browse.

Check out this video to see the mouse in action.

[ Jupiter Mouse ] VIA [ TechEBlog ]

Digital Thermometer Pan

By Jonathan Kimak

I do a lot of cooking for myself and others. And I always make sure foods like red meat are cooked fully so that there’s no chance of anyone getting sick from the food. But there can be some trial and error in making sure things are well cooked but not overcooked.

This skillet takes away the guess work for temperature by sticking a thermometer inside the pan. With a digital display on the pan handle you will always know what temperature the pan is at, with or without food in the pan.

This means that those cooking instructions will be a lot easier and it will help prevent you from overcooking meals, meaning happier family/guests.

The pan is $50.

[ Digital Thermometer Pan ] VIA [ DVICE ]

Say Hello To My Little (Frozen)Friend

By Jonathan Kimak

In some parts of North America it has already begun to snow. And while the bitter chill might not be fun, snowball fights always are. And now you can gain a technological advantage in the backyard, the biggest advantage since the ice ball.

The snowball launcher can form 3 snowballs in its chambers and then using a slingshot can fire the balls up to 50 feet away. No batteries, so the fast flying and long range snowballs can go on as long as you can.

You can get one for $30.

It may not be most noble of additions to winter sports equipment but it still looks neat. Personally I’m looking forward to someone inventing a snowzooka.

[ Snowball Launcher ] VIA [ Slippery Brick ]

The Return Of The Zeppelin (No, Not The Band)

By Jonathan Kimak

San Fransico based company Airship Ventures is bringing back Zeppelins. The blimp like Zeppelins(but don’t call them blimps, they’re sensitive about that) have not been too popular since the Hindenburg crashed and burned over 70 years ago. Somehow I doubt that will be in the brochure.

For $495 an hour(per person) you and up to 12 guests can ride one of the Zeppelins on several different scenic tours of the San Fransico/Oakland, including a trip over the Golden Gate Bridge. There’s also the possibility to have a customized route for a “customized” price.

The flight will take you 1,200 feet above ground and you’ll be traveling at a modest 35-40 miles per hour. The Zeppelin itself is 246-feet long and made of a semi-rigid structure and filled with non-flammable helium(at least they’ve learned something in the last 70 years). The flights will begin sometime this November.

I’ll be waiting for either a price reduction or a dual airship Final Fantasy themed party in the air with two airships battling each other in the sky. Neither is likely to happen.

[ Airship Ventures ] VIA [ DVICE ]

Possibly The Geekiest Way To Have A Beer

By Jonathan Kimak

We’ve seen beer gadgets before. But beer cannons that can shoot a beer into your hand from across the room will look like the stuff of amateurs when compared to this. A beer pouring machine made of Lego blocks. And what’s more is that the device is controlled by an iPhone. A message is sent to the iPhone and the machine pours you a brew.

There are already robot bartenders that can do the job faster and pour a nicer beer, but this device appeals to the geek-heart within me. And if we’re lucky maybe a DIY set of instructions will come out so that others can have a geek-brew.

See the video of the LEGO beer pouring gadget after the jump.

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Liquid Bookmarks

By Jonathan Kimak

I’m an avid reader, I’ll read almost any genre except the harlequin romances. And I do occasionally use a bookmark or even a piece of paper to keep my place instead of flipping through the pages randomly to find my spot. But generally the bookmarks fall out of the book and eventually disappear. That’s why I’m curious about these “liquid” bookmarks.

The bookmarks, as you may have guessed, are not actually liquid, it’s just a stylish bookmark that, depending on the color, might make people think you used your mystery novel to commit a real murder.

The bookmarks come as a set of 3 with a white, red and gray bookmark. Including shipping the bookmarks will set you back $29.

I wonder if they come with a tracking device.

[ Liquid Bookmarks ] VIA [ Gizmo Diva ]

Yamaha Teaching Trumpet

By Jonathan Kimak

I used to play the trumpet in high school, at least until I got braces and ended up shredding my lips anytime I tried to play. This would have been a good thing for me to keep the training for the few years before I took my braces off(I instead switched to the saxophone).

The Yamaha EZ-TP Electronic Teaching Trumpet, which is sadly, only available in Japan, is an electronic way to learn the trumpet. Instead of blowing into the trumpet, you just hum into the device while pressing the proper keys on the trumpet. The keys can light up to help you learn the proper fingerings.

The trumpet can play 22 different sounds in case you get bored of hearing the regular trumpet sound. But most importantly(especially for parents) the trumpet comes with a volume control. This means the trumpet has a far lower chance of being thrown into the lake.

The trumpet also comes with MIDI support and some pre-programmed songs to play along with.

[ EZ TP Electronic Trumpet ] VIA [ Slippery Brick ]

PepperBall Goes For A Trifecta Of Pain

By Jonathan Kimak

So you’re walking your dog at night can carrying a flashlight. A mugger comes at you expecting an easy score and instead gets hit with a high speed ball of pepper spray, a laser in his eyes and a big bright beam of light. At least that’s what PepperBall, the makers of the FlashLauncher, would like to sell you on.

The FlashLauncher is a foot long flashlight that also contains a semi-automatic pepper spray ball launcher that can shoot off 5 rounds and comes with a laser pointer that helps out with the targeting of your shots.

At $400 though, it is unlikely a lot of people are going to be rushing to buy this. I do, however, expect to see this used in the next Jackass movie.

[ FlashLauncher Starter Kit ] VIA [ Wired Blog ]

Keep Your Head Warm And Your Ears Full Of Tunes With iLogic Sound Hat

By Jonathan Kimak

It can be a pain trying to wear a beanie hat(or a toque if you’re a fellow Canadian) and headphones at the same time. Even earbuds can either fall out or get crunched too tightly into your ear. The iLogic Sound Hat solves the problem by putting the headphones into the hat. The Sound Hat’s headphones come with a standard 3.5mm jack that will work with the majority of mp3 players, cell phones and other devices.

In addition, since the headphones are covered in the fabric it will have better sound suppression so that the person beside you is less likely to hear what you’re listening to. So don’t worry, your reputation will stay solid even if you are listening to the latest Celine Dion song.

The hat sells for approximately $28 US.

[ iLogic Sound Hat ] VIA [ New Launches ]