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Lenovo Yoga Book: A Truly Groundbreaking Device


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Lenovo has adopted the catchy slogan “better never stops,” which really seems to suit the company’s penchant for coming up with neat improvements year after year.

Lenovo’s Yoga line of specialty tablets is not easy to define. The trademark feature of Yoga devices is a clamshell design that combines a touchscreen with another functional surface, joined together by a unique hinge mechanism that is unlike any other found in the laptop, netbook and hybrid market. This feature is present in the new Yoga Book, but Lenovo has come up with a couple of interesting surprises.

At first sight, the Yoga Book seems to lack a keyboard; however, a discreet touch of a button lights up the input component that lights up to reveal an attractive keyboard complete with tactile feedback. This elegant feature certainly improves upon the touchscreen keyboards typically found on smartphones and tablets since it leaves the 10.1 inch screen unencumbered.Continue Reading

DIY Pokedex Cover Helps with Pokemon Go Battery



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Pokemon Go has swept the world into a “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” frenzy during the last several weeks since its thundering debut. And while it’s sent intrepid fans out into the streets to hunt down errant Pikachus and Bulbasaurs, it has also been a huge drain on the battery life of all our phones.

That’s where Sparkfun user Nick Poole comes in. Recognizing the weight that the app was putting on his phone – using its built-in GPS constantly, sucking up all his mobile data, and keeping his LCD display on at all hours as it constantly rendered a new map with new features – he has come to the world’s rescue.

Using 3D printing technology, Poole developed a phone case modeled on the classic Kanto-era Pokedex. Bright red in color and featuring red, yellow, and green LED lights, the case is an absolute essential for any Pokemon trainer out there.

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Samsung Introduces the Gear IconX Wireless Earbuds

samsung gear iconx

The following article is brought to you by The Tech Info Group. -Ed

Samsung is taking the concept of wireless earbuds a step further by also removing the wire that connects the two earbuds, making the Gear IconX truly wireless.

Each of the earbuds weighs a little more than a quarter and they are stored in a pill-shaped case that charges the cordless earbuds. As with other wireless earbuds, they connect via Bluetooth to your cell phone or tablet. The Gear IconX earbuds work with most Android devices — must be running Android 4.4 or later and have at least 1.5GB of RAM — but are not compatible with iOS devices. One awesome spec about these wireless earbuds is the 4GB of internal storage that can be used to store music or other audio files. Hence, there is no need to be connected to a device, you can store music on them too.Continue Reading

Skintrack Turns the Surface of the Arm into a TouchPad

skintrack smart ring

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The Skintrack is a new emerging technology that allows smartwatch users to transform the surface of the arm into an interactive touch pad. Developed by a research lab at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh called Futures Interfaces Group, the Skintrack uses a ring and a sensor to make the entire arm an interactive screen for the smartwatch. This eliminates the annoyance of trying to input commands into the small surface of a smartwatch screen, one of the main issues regular smartwatch users in the IT services field face.

Behind SkintrackContinue Reading

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, lead the way to body measurement technology for all.

Naked 3D Tracker

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Something exciting is happening in the world of fitness. Anyone who is trying to reshape their body in some way, at some level, professional or amateur, is in for a surprise. Checking one’s progress toward fitness goals on the scale, with a tape measure, by looking in a mirror, or calculating body fat just became way easier. Welcome to the magic world of The Naked 3D Fitness Tracker.

The new fitness tracker device is a full-length smart mirror that provides feedback about your body like no other tracking device has ever done. According to The Tech Info Group, this high-tech mirror comes equipped with Intel RealSense Depth Sensors that take a 3-D scan of your body as it slowly turns around on the accompanying blue-tooth scale.
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Smart Pin: A Pin For The Digital Age

Pins Collective Wearable

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Everyone has those awkward years where they left their house wearing some obviously regrettable off-trend fashion. Now that the hipster culture is back in style, everything old is new again and some poor fashion decisions you made in your earlier years are now trending. For example, think about the old-fashion graphic pins you probably wore on your clothes, backpack, or wherever else that you could think of. Pins were a great way to easily express yourself and show the world what you liked without saying a single word. Now, thanks to our vintage culture, these cute little buttons are back to being stylish again.

There is a company in Stockholm, Sweden, that is taking the classic wear-ability of a basic pin, and hoping to give it a makeover for the digital age. This Kickstarter company, Pins Collective, has some high hopes for their new Smart Pin. Digital devices that can be worn on the body are surfacing on the market, such as the Apple watch. However, even Apple has had a difficult time making tech wearable’s popular. Mostly business professionals and tech companies like TTIG are the ones benefiting from current wearable technology. Pins Collective hopes to engage a larger spectrum of individuals. They are relying heavily on nostalgic appeal in hopes that individuals will choose to fund their product.Continue Reading

Receive Gmail’s Powerful Features On Other Email Accounts


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Non-Gmail accounts are getting an upgrade with the “Gmailify”application. Get the full features of Google email without the need of a Gmail account. Now, you have the option of keeping your old email address from another provider and receive the complete features of a Gmail account. When somebody enables Gmailify, they’re getting the benefits of a Gmail account without moving to the @gmail domain.

The Benefits of Gmailify:

  • Users get spam protection. The Gmail service identifies spam from patterns and user preferences. Spam gets sent to a separate folder and, at the top of the email, will be a label that explains why the message got sent to spam. Google filters the spam from your email.
  • Emails will be automatically sorted into tabs such as “social” and “update.” This is a default organizational tool that lets users get to the important stuff quickly and enjoy the fun stuff without pause.

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Google’s Next VR Device

Google Cardboard

The following article is brought to you by The Tech Info Group. -Ed

Google launched its Cardboard virtual reality headset designed as a cost-effective introduction to virtual reality. At less than $30, users with a smartphone could experience VR without spending a small fortune. More powerful devices like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will cost over $500 upon release after all. Cardboard is a simple contraption made from cardboard, lenses, and a rubber band.

Features and Specs
Perhaps the best feature of Google Cardboard is its absolute simplicity. Aside from two lenses and rubber bands, Cardboard is made from cardboard cutouts. Pre-built kits can be purchased online from various retailers. DIY-oriented individuals can craft a Cardboard unit from a random box, though. From there, a smartphone is positioned in the device, and users can experience virtual reality on a budget. Nothing is more simple than Cardboard.
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Don’t Text and Drive: SmartWheel


Do not text and drive. Texting while driving is a serious problem due to the high accidents and fatal rates reported. By the time it takes to check a text message, a car can travel a distance greater than a football field while the driver is not looking at the road. Many fatal accidents are attributed to texting while driving. The SmartWheel is designed to prevent such fatalities from occurring by detecting if the driver is texting when they should be driving.


The SmartWheel was invented by T.J. Evarts. Evarts wanted to create a proactive safety device that could detect issues before an accident occurred. He compared his invention to other reporting tools that only provide information after an accident. He was inspired to invent the SmartWheel when he witnessed a friend texting and driving.

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