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5 Cool Gadgets That Are Changing Health Science

By guest author Brian B.

It’s no secret that gadgets like computers, digital cameras and smartphones have changed our lives. Though there is some argument about whether the changes many of these devices bring are good or bad, there’s one group that is definitely changing our lives for the better, and that’s in the field of health science. Not every digital consumable can make us healthier, but here are five health science gadgets that do.

A Smartphone For Your Heart

Thanks to the Cardio Defender from Everist Genomics, your smartphone can now actually do something to keep your heart healthy. The Cardio Defender turns your smartphone into a portable ECG device that can keep a constant lookout for heart problems by detecting a variety of changes in heart rhythm that may indicate a problem. A sensor bracelet that resembles a watch collects data and beams it wirelessly to your smartphone, which analyzes and stores it. If a problem is detected, not only do you receive an alert, but the data can also be sent to your physician for instant analysis. If a problem doesn’t arrive, your doctor can still use the collected data to determine the health of your heart and approaching problems.

No word on price or availability.

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The Worst of Tech: 10 From the Cult of iPod


By Elliot Black

Inspired by the recent arrival of the Nike Hatphone and Thinklab’s iPod Nano stethoscope recording kit I went on a quest to find the Worst of iPod. I won’t waste any time with a qualitative dissertation about the merits of iPod because that’s pretty dull. (This is where everyone screams in unison, “We want carnage; we want the Worst of iPod!”)

Yeah, it’s not the first Worst iPod Accessories list, but this is our version, which includes some new arrivals, and a few classics.

The Worst of iPod after the jump?

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