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Gotee Shaving Template


Having trouble with the shaping of your fancy goatee? Here’s a life saver. This adjustable goatee template will help you look even fancier. It follows your face shape and will save you time by telling you where to shave but it’ll also make you look like Bane… or Hannibal, which ever you prefer. I guess someone was sick of having to shape their goatee and doing it wrong and invented this gadget.

You have to bite down on the plastic mouthpiece, and then use the turnbuckles to control the Bane mask’s measurements. Think of it as a face stencil.

In all honesty, it’s a bit terrifying but it’ll make your life simpler and it only costs 20$ on Amazon.



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Laziness to a Whole New Level

A Japanese company called Nidec has invented  a new VERY lazy device: a smartphone controlled bottle opened. I mean… can you get lazier than that? The ‘Smart Pet Bottle’ has only 1 objective and it is to rest atop of a bottle and open it remotely. See for yourself!

It connects over Wi-Fi and has a fancy LED display.  Your friends and colleagues will be genuinely impressed when you open a bottle without even touching it and quench your thirst. And by “impressed” I mean shocked at your laziness.*laughs*Honestly speaking, this actually requires more effort than simply opening the damn bottle! But I mean if you want to show off, go right ahead.

The shiny, transparent device for extremely lazy people have yet to be released and the price is not yet available.



Style And Tech: Perfect Fusion

If you like style and technology, this is something you might be interested in. Dior Homme and Sennheiser collaborated on a newly designed audio equipment and it looks really, really good. It is yet to be released to the public but the German electronics company and the legendary French fashion gods have teamed up to give us something fantastic: a set of four products that provide everything we need for a rounded audio experience for home, travel and pocket.

The home category includes an amplifier, home headphones, wireless Bluetooth headphones and earphones, everything neatly placed in a metal box. For travel items, there is the PXC 550 Wireless that can be put in leather backpack and clutches of the same design. Last but not least, for people who love to listen to music on-the-go, the two companies offer pocket sized earphones that come with a fancy and light scuff leather covering.


These eye pleasing, red and black audio sets from Dior Homme aesthetics incorporate the gorgeous colours in their leather and hand sewn encasing. The pricing for these exclusive tech packages have not yet been revealed but we can be sure that it’ll be pretty expensive given the brands that collaborated on this and their specs. If you are interested in buying these beauties, keep an eye open for their worldwide release from Dior Homme and Sennheiser.




Straight Outta 5th Element

This is the future guys! Volkswagen Group put out this rendered concept of its 30th-century-like, human-less car named Sedric. I guess the 30th century is closer than we thought.

The autonomous car will drive itself to its destination with just a touch of a button. Volkswagen exposed the real version of the concept at the Auto Shanghai 2017 expo. The cockpit was completely removed for more passenger space and complete driver-less experience.

Pretty freaking cool, right?

For more information on prices and availability… just kidding it’s not for sale just yet. We’ll have to wait a bit more to enjoy this awesomness.

[Volkswagen] via  [Engadget]


Exercise Fabulously

There’s a new jump rope that will make you look fabulous while you exercise.

This LED embedded smart jump rope will make it fun to… well… jump. Because this LED jump rope is so pretty and shiny and it’s smart, it will also increase your productivity by recording the progress of your jumping number, time you’ve jumped and calorie loss. It’ll also display these metrics in front of you as you use it, through a “persistance of vision” effect. You can also set up your future jumping goals with your smartphone.

The LED embedded smart jump rope is around $89.99 to $258 based on the size you order from, meaning that for once short people have an advantage.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ FreshTrend ]

Read if You’re a Spy

Are you a spy? Do you need to have secret conversations without anyone hearing you? We’ve got your covered!

Introducing the Voice-Muffling Face Masks!  It hides the lower part of your face and muffles your voice that way people around you cannot hear you… or even read your lips. Built-in earbuds included to hear the person you’re talking to (even if you don’t want to).

It’s wireless and absolutely ridiculous.But it’s perfect for people who work in open space offices or those who just want to have conversations in public. Additionally it can play external sounds to deeper mask your voice. The sounds are optional, it can sound like R2-D2 beeping or a low Darth Vader style voice. The full specs will be available as soon as the product hits the e-shelves.

Hushme are also considering a voice changing option {ultimate kek}.

The device have plans to get a crowdfunding campaign going this year, and the headset is expected to cost around $200.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Engadget ]

Mindset Headphones – Help For Your Work/Study

Are you a student? Do you work from home? Do you have trouble focusing when there’s too much going on around you? There’s a solution for you!

These headphones will maximize your productivity. They are mega comfortable and are wireless. They cancel out the noises around you. BUT WAIT! There’s more *laughs*.There are EEG sensors located in the headband that will read your brain activity in real time and will recognizes whether or not you’re focused. When it senses that you’re distracted it’ll send a light audio signal that will make you focus once again.

These headphones will also sense when your brain start getting tired and will suggest a break. Mindset headphones will help you in the long run as well. You will learn to recognize the distractions and ignore them. Over time, you will be able to focus deeper and for longer.

This incredible product will have the potential to help someone focus, increase their productivity but also cure someone with attention deficit disorders.

Early Bird pricing will set you back $229, with this figure going up to $249 once stock runs out on them. Shipping is all the way in December 2017.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ Incredible Things ]

Creativity Plus Technology Equals Awesome Origami Bulletproof Shield

When creativity meets technological genius. This is a Kevlar ballistics shield inspired by the art of folding paper. It was created by professors in mechanical engineering Larry Howell and Terri Bateman and their colleagues at Brigham Young University.

This shield has 14 layers of Kevlar with an aluminum core, can be deployed very quickly (5 seconds) and has a great angle of protection, which covers up to three people. Compared to the usual shield (90+ lbs) it is half the weight (55 lbs). Because of the way it folds, it saves a lot of space (reduces its size by 4 times) and protects against 9 mm .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum handguns (tested).

Does it not remind you of Star wars?! Hopefully it makes it into the market. The concept is amazing but I think that it’ll be a long time before this amazing origami shield will start doing its job. Maybe one day, in the near future, we will have force field shields!


[ BYU ] VIA [ Awesome Sauce ]