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Find It With The Loc8tor

loc8tor By David Edney

Have you been told that you forget everything? Tired of losing your keys when you need to get going? Well look no further. Now you can be a normal responsible person, unlike me, and never ever forget or lose any item again. Using small Radio Frequency (RF) tags, the Loc8tor will notify you where your items are up to 600 feet away by using audio and visual cues. Kind of like a metal detector. You can also use it as an invisible safety zone: if someone or something goes out of that zone, it alerts you letting you know that it is leaving the area. Perfect for putting in your husband’s pocket without his knowledge. The loc8tor can also track up to 24 items at one time in case you’re super forgetful. For $100, you can get rid of that anxiety today.

[ Loc8tor ] VIA [ Gizmag ]

Coffee Weather Station From Melitta

coffee By David Edney

We’ve all been in the situation where we wake up late and are rushing to get ready for work. We walk outside and boom, it’s pouring. Now, you have no excuse to not know how the weather is because the Melitta Smart Mill and Brew makes the coffee and displays the weather at the same time. And yeah, sure, you could turn the TV on, and wait for the weather report, but that takes too long. And, you could do something even crazier, and look outside, but that too takes effort (not to mention that it says nothing about how it’ll be in a few hours).

The machine makes up to 10 cups and has all the usual features, like an automatic whole bean grinding function, simple-pour water reservoir, warming plate with auto shut-off, permanent stainless steel filter basket, and large LCD display with bright blue backlight. Well, the blue LCD is not that standard, but that’s where the weather info goes. It uses the Microsoft DirectBand service which broadcasts on FM frequencies so it’s only available in certain areas. Check your coverage availability here, but know that coverage is included with your purchase, which should set you back about $200.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ MSNDirect ]

Panasonic Mood Phone

Mood Phone

By David Edney

We all wore those mood rings when we were kids and had lots of fun with them, well now you can have that same nostalgic fun with your phone. Panasonic and NTT DoCoMo have teamed up and created a cell phone, dubbed “P702iD”, that also tells you what mood you’re in. The thing actually analyzes your voice tones and patterns, which the Japanese call a “Feel Talk” and displays your mood in up to 10 colors with a 128-gradient LED light. The phone may sound silly, but at least it comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera, and up to 2gb of storage on an optional SD card.

[ More Picutres at Aving ] VIA [ Crave ]

No Contact Jacket is Shocking

No Contact Jacket

By David Edney

If you’re a lady that would like a little more protection when you’re out and about, this is the jacket for you. Not only is it stylish, but if a dirtbag tries to touch, at the flick of a somewhat perverse switch, he gets an 80,000 volt jolt. The jacket, made by company No-Contact has an electrified outer sleeve that is separated from the lining by a layer of rubber, so anyone touching the jacket gets the unknowing shock of their life while you remain nice and cozy in the self-defending cover. It’s covered in a teflon coated waterproof supplex nylon, which will allow the jacket to work even in the rain. Water will bead and run off and will not soak through to the electrified layer beneath. However, the company “would not recommend activating it in wet or rainy conditions unless absolutely necessary.” The contraption is powered by a 9V alkaline battery, and will knock your assailant to the ground even if he’s wearing gloves. While it’s intended to be mass-marketed, the $950 price tag will surely keep it out of many people’s hands.

[ No Contact ] VIA [ SciFi Tech ]

Cable TV to Your Cellphone

Slingboxby David Edney

3 Group, a wireless company in Europe, announced on Thursday that they will be launching a new service in Britain for Cable TV on mobile phones. Using the Slingbox technology you will be able to watch, record, and view channels on your cell phone. The service simultaneously hooks up to your cable box, and broadcasts it through your internet so you can access it. From there you have access to your DVR to do as you like. Before, you could only use the Slingbox with desktops, laptops and some newer mobile PDA phones, but since phones are becoming more sophisticated and are being produced with faster processor speeds, streaming video is becoming more accessible. The usage will not be unlimited, but pricing was not immediately available. The first two handsets included with the software will be the Nokia N73 and the Sony Ericsson w950i. Now, you have no excuse to miss Desperate Housewives.

VIA [ CNN Technology ]

DunkMug Holds Cookies For The Laziest Of Lazies


By David Edney

It’s not that techy, but it’s pretty cool. You know how we all get so into our gaming that we forget to eat and drink because we can’t afford to pull away our finders from the w, a, s, d, directional keys. This will sorta solve both of those problems. With this Dunkmug you can have your drink and eat your cookies too. For $24.95 you’ll be living in milk and cookies heaven, or whatever else you dunk your cookies in. Spare your growling tummy and get some sugar in your system so you can game all night long.

[This seems totally retarded to me. What happens when you take a swig of hot coffee with the left hand, and your cookies just fall on your lap? You’d have to remember to grab the thing with your right hand, and frankly, why can’t you just put the darn cookies on a plate instead? -Ed.]

[ Dunk Mug ] VIA [ Sci Fi ]

Monster Remote Has More Features Than You Can Shake A Burning Stick At


By David Edney

This is the ultimate remote control. The Monster AVL-300 can do it all. It is a fully programmable home theater remote control with an LCD screen. The remote is software based so you plug it into your computer via USB and just choose your settings. You can also control multiple systems from anywhere in the house and snyc them all so one button can do several things at the same time. It charges in a cradle and the battery life is pretty good from user ratings. The remote also controls the Monster Central Lighting System if you have that installed in your house, so you can just walk around and switch lights and home theater systems on and off to your heart’s content. It even works through walls and has a range of up to 130 feet with use of the included Monster Central OmniLink, which is an RF-to-IR bridge and IR blaster; basically a device that turns your line-of-sight IR remote into a radio frequency, location-less device. We’re not sure what the point of turning your TV on from 130 feet away would be, though perhaps it would be nifty to control your sound systems and such.

Of course, it doesn’t come cheap, at $600.

[ Monster Central Control ] VIA [ Popgadget ]

BiJE EP Earring Headphones


By David Edney

I know you ladies are tired of getting those iPod headphones stuck in your earrings when ever you try to take them off, so here’s Earmecca’s solution. They’ve created headphones that are also earrings, or vise versa depending how you look at it. The BiJE EP earphones are actually blinged with Swarovski cubic and have a white gold-plated surface. Just because it’s technology doesn’t mean you can’t have elegance and nothing says elegance like Swarovski. You can also adjust the length of the body that swivels 360-degrees to fit different sized ears. Versatile, beautiful and priceless. Well, not really priceless, cause they sell for $30 but you know what I mean. The site is in Korean so get out those dictionaries.

[ Product ] VIA [ New Launches ]

Heated Mouse Pad

dolphin mouse pad from thanko

By David Edney

We’ve all been there: working/gaming into the night and suddenly you realize, “I can’t feel my hands!!!” It happens all the time and there’s no practical solution. To go along with the Warmkeyboard that we reported on over a year ago, the Heated Dolphin Mouse Pad solves the cold hand problem by heating your hand while you click to your hearts content. Just plug it into your computer via USB and your on your way to a warm hand goodness. Of course, we’re not sure just what you’re supposed to do with the other one, but we bet you can think of something. Sadly, it only comes in dolphin.

[ Product At Thanko ] VIA [ SciFi ]