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Author Archives: David Edney

The ultimate winter gadget gloves


By David Edney

It’s freezing outside, especially if you live in blizzard areas, and touching the talk button on the cellphone with big bulky gloves is a daily problem we all face. Fortunately for us, a company in Montreal has solved the problem of operating all your gadgets while keeping your hands warm. The glove is called iTWYF or, I Touch With Your Fingers.(uhhhh?…) Three of the fingers have enhancements: the thumb has a velcro strap that exposes that finger, the index finger has a leather strip that can be used for “target-specific” fingering like iPoding, and the middle finger has a tiny stud on it that you can use as a stylus for touchscreens. The gloves actually don’t look bad [Of course, by this, David means they look horrible. Right? -Ed.] and they come in three colors and sizes to boot. They cost only $39 and will have you on your way to happier gadgeting in the cold.

[ ITWYF ] VIA [ Sci Fi ]

Hangair, The Only Way To Dry


By David Edney

I know it’s a corny title, but this gadget is just as useful as any could get. The Hangair was originally created to dry wetsuits so you wouldn’t have to put on a freezing wetsuit day after day, but it could be used for any apparel that gets wet. The Hangair uses a two-speed, high powered waterproof fan that ventilates your wetsuit or anything else you want to ‘hang’ and is made out of Nylon 66 for durability. They claim that it will reduce drying time by 70% and prevent odor. It goes for $69.95 and is a handy and useful way to go for drying wet clothes.

[ Hangair ] VIA [ Popgadget ]

Micro Display Designer Glasses

Mini Display

By David Edney

We’ve all seen the goggles that can project a 50 inch screen in front of your eyes, but no one would be caught dead wearing them. To get more in style with the times, Lumus-Optical has come out with a prototype pair of glasses that have twin micro displays attached to them. They get 640×480 resolution and even come with a teeny projector that goes on the arm. They accept video inputs, but no one knows how yet, because it is undisclosed. They claim they can project an image that is like watching a 60 inch screen from 10 feet away. The Light guide Optical Element technology allows the image to be reflected back on to the lenses so users can still drive while watching a movie. They will hopefully have a demo available by 2007 CES.

VIA [ Engadget ]

Mini Cube 12GB Storage

Supervault By David Edney

All those storage keys and micro vaults are very convenient for transporting files, but with today’s sophisticated software that takes up a lot more space, bigger keys are needed. With the Mini Cube you get 12 GB of storage, in a package that is slightly larger than a postage stamp. It comes in a tough aluminum case, has a USB 2.0 cable, the CD driver, and a handy pouch and strap. All this for $125, and you could store your entire hard drive… if you own a computer from 5 years ago.

[ Mini-Cube ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Dual LCD Cellphone Screen


By David Edney

There is a patent pending for a dual LCD screen for cellphones out of Korea. The dual LCD phone claims to offer an enhanced web browsing experience which could also display better multimedia software/webpages. After you’re done using the feature, you just fold the screen and the phone is once again a candybar design. The biggest concern is of course with battery consumption. With all the World of Warcraft that will be played on this thing, it better last long enough.

VIA [ Ubergizmo ]

USB Eye Warmer?

Eye Warmer

By David Edney

Thanko once again brings us a gadget that doesn’t make much sense, but I thought I would highlight it anyways. Since when do gadgets have to make sense anyway? They’ve created a USB eye warmer a wired remote controlled temperature setter. It even comes with an AC adapter since you’re already running 32 other USB powered gadgets off your PC anyway. I’m guessing this is supposed to relax your eyes when you have those long days staring at your computer. For $16 it looks like it might be a winner, but I would be more worried about falling asleep and waking up with my eyes burned out.

[ We think David worries too much. -Ed. ]

[ Eye Warmer ] VIA [ New Launches ]

Gibson Pro Digital Guitar


By David Edney

The Gibson HD.6X-Pro guitar comes with the digital hookups needed to connect straight to a computer for all your editing/distorting pleasure. It comes with Media-accelerated Global Information Carrier (MaGIC) which is a Gibson Ethernet hookup, and it carries bi-directional signals with low latency and no signal degradation over miles of cable. The HD.6X-Pro?s Hex pickup is composed of six small, patent-pending humbuckers positioned under each string at the bridge. These digitize the notes strung internally, so the system does all it’s own work. The whole setup comes with all the equipment and software needed to play like a pro. That is if you’ve got $5,000 laying around.

[Gibson ] VIA [ Gizmag ]

Advanced Rain Jacket

Rubbersuit By David Edney

TDA research and the University of Colorado have created a new rubber material laced with microscopic channels that could be used to make more comfortable, less bulky protective gear for people who work around hazardous chemicals. It combines rubber with liquid crystals to keep out harmful chemicals while letting sweat pass through. The process works because molecules of toxic chemicals are too large to fit through the tiny passages, but water molecules are small enough. Most suits worn now in hazardous work areas keep out the harmful chemicals, but make you sweat like a pig, because they trap all the moisture inside.

The researchers hope to also apply this new technology to other applications like military clothing, or just regular rain coats. Also, they believe that this new rubber might be useful in purifying contaminated water, and desalinating seawater. So, theoretically in the future of rain jacket technology, you might be able to stay dry from the weather, while your jacket turns your sweat into drinking water. We’re betting that one’s going to be a real popular with the ladies.

VIA [ CNN Tech ]

Neon Legos: Retro in the Metro

Neon Click

By David Edney

Well, these aren’t Legos by any stretch of the word, but the principle is the same and represent a leap in sign-making innovation that should have been made eons ago. International Robotics has created individual letters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols that connect together just like Legos. They all are encased in fire resistant plastic casings that connect together to spell whatever your heart desires. After you choose your phrase, you connect it to a special power source and you have a low-voltage, recyclable, neon-sign which lasts for 10,000 hours. That’s a pretty good life for these neon letters, and a good bang-for-the-buck being that they cost less than $5 for a block and $30 for the power cord. The blocks are all connected in parallel so if one goes out the others still work. Of course, this sound fine and dandy until you decide to annoy the crap out of all your customers by alternating colors on each letter, as they are available in various sizes and come in blue, green, and pink.

[ International Robotics ] VIA [ New Launches ]