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airLUCE Devastatingly Modern Lighting

By Ryan Nill

Tranlogue Associates, designer of couture household accessories, has created a line of lighting fixtures utilizing surface emitted light. Inspired by fluid, natural lines, the airLUCE series is both modern and exceptionally beautiful; airLUCE looks surreal, almost ethereal. Made from an all new material, designed by Asahi Kasei, it consists of acrylic board that emits surface light from hidden LED sources. This more equal diffusion of the light creates a softer, cleaner feeling; it appears more balanced and natural, especially when compared to the harsher LED lights popular now.

The airLUCE series will be released next week in London. Pricing and availability is unknown, but is probably horribly expensive. And unless you live in an undersea palace or inside of a giant iPod, it probably won’t match your decor anyways. One more picture and links after the jump.

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Ice Tray Freezes Tiny Fish Skeletons

By Ryan Nill

Something Fishy is a silicon ice cube tray that freezes little fish skeletons. Both adorable and vaguely creepy!

Available now for about 10$ US, the broken English merely a bonus.

[ I’vegot2haveone ] VIA [ Popgadget ]

Sony Rolly Will Roll, Dance and Shimmer

By Ryan Nill

Sony finally acknowledges the rumors and announces the Rolly; a wireless speaker/audio player that rolls, dances and shimmers in time to your music. It looks like a large, white egg. While vaguely iPod-like in appearance, it promises to be so much more.

The device is essentially a wireless speaker/audio player with stereo speakers, with an internal flash memory of 1GB and about 5 hours of battery life. It can also link to your computer via Bluetooth, allowing it to receive new dance patterns and songs. That’s not all: there’s tactile volume control (control the volume by turning the unit clockwise) and an alarm clock. Above all else, it also dances and grooves along with you and your music, as you can witness in the below video.

The Rolly will be available in Japan on Sept. 29 for about 350$. No clue when it will be coming to the US, but the niche market for dancing electronics is already clamoring for it.

[ SONY ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]

Banana Holster Shields Bananas


[ Oh my, it’s like 2004 all over again! -Ed. ]

By Ryan Nill

The Banana Guard guards your bananas. This wonderful appliance will protect and shield your bananas from the outside world, encasing your soft, succulent, potassium rich foodstuff from the dangerous world of backpacks and sandwiches. It cheap, easy to use, vaguely phallic, available in a wide variety of colors, and undoubtedly useful. They cost 6$ and can be ordered in bulk.

[ Banana Guard ] VIA [ Geekologie ]

USB Penguins Are Adorable

By Ryan Nill

These flightless bird USBs flash drives are truly adorable. The diminutive avian comes complete with tiny tiny scarves. Unfortunately, they also come with a comparatively tiny capacity. The flightless bird’s head flips open to reveal a shining USB connector; just as nature intended.

The USB Penguin is Mac-friendly, PC-friendly and small child friendly. It also comes with Vista Ready Boost functionality. Sadly the maximum capacity is 1GB and they cost ¥3980, or about 17$US. Is it really too large of a price to pay for cute?

[ Joshin ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]

Fashionable Lederhosen Sport Integrated iPod Controls

By Ryan Nill

This pair of Lederhosen, on display at IFA 2007, comes with a set of controls for your iPod. Made by all-weather wear German company Lodenfrey, these lederhosen will let you listen to music with a distinct lack of style. Made of high quality layered suede, the controls are unobtrusively located down the left side of the pants and the MP3 player is integrated into the pants.

Lodenfrey is apparently the leader in the design and production of lederhosen and other pieces of high quality traditional garb. The company also seemingly refuses to acknowledge the existence of these devastatingly ethnic pants on their home site, therefore further purchasing information is scant.

[ Lodenfrey ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Yöghund; Frozen Yogurt For Dogs

home_img.jpgBy Ryan Nill

Yöghund is organic frozen yogurt for dogs. Yes, for your dogs. Yöghund is completely organic, and made from a mixture of organic yogurt, banana, peanuts and spring water. Most importantly is that dogs seem to love it, attacking it with ferocious lickings.

Yöghund is available online and at selected retailers. For $5.99 you can net four servings/cups.

[ Yoghund ] VIA [ Cool Hunting ]

Personal Aura Detector Phone Charm

By Ryan Nill

The Aura Ball Flashing Phone Strap Aura Dama uses (possibly phony) technology to capture and display your personal aura. Made by Solid Alliance, the same people who brought us Mr. Tengu and the Pop-up Pirate USB Hub, the Aura Dama will be sure to join the ranks of the world’s most useless technology; that is in addition to utilizing something that may or may not exist. Simply press the button while focusing on the attached “Power Stone” (available in Crystal, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz) and the Aura Dama will cycle through colors, eventually settling on the one that matches your personal aura closest.

The website says

“There is a special censor [sic] inside of Aura Dama. It catches the subtle energy human body emits and converts it into electrical energy. Human body emits invisible energy from several chakra points. The censor can catch the energy and convert it into energy frequency. The censor allots the matching color to the energy frequency it detected.”

So, why not? It also says “Available immediately – in a week; let’s pre-order today!” Evidently, Strapya-World is taking pre-orders now, for 23.33$. Who could possibly resist knowing their personal aura for a mere 23.33$?

[ Redferret ] VIA [ Strapya-World ]

Ugly Jewelry Makes Eyes Water (Using Pepper Spray)

silverring.jpgBy Ryan Nill

This piece of gaudy jewelry is actually a hidden pepper spray spritzer. Aside from scaring your assailant away by being monstrously hideous, when activated the ring emits a single shot of highly concentrated pepper spray. It contains enough gas for 2-3 one second bursts and has an effective range of 12 inches. It uses the strongest pepper spray available on the market, and a three-use canister will ding your wallet for $8. The ring itself is called “The Pepper Spray Stunning Ring”, costs about 30$ and is available now.

[ Protect Yourself Direct ] VIA [ ubergizmo ]