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Indium Smart Flashlight

By Colbert Low.

The Angus Noble Indium Smart Flashlight is the World’s First PC Programmable Flashlight.

What this means is that you can hook up your USB cable from your PC and hack into the Indium Smart Flashlight to change its settings. You can also change LEDs according to you mood – 3watt, 5watt or K2 LED, or select the maximum current. The cool GUI software for the light even does Gamma Correction for the power curve and rate of fade. Lastly, you can do some serious Morse codes on this baby to show off your military skills. Now if only they added in a TV Tuner and Babe analyser to this gadget for us geeks. [? -Ed]

More at The Gadget Blog. Also, you can visit the company website.

Sickening Baby Escort Cages

By Colbert Low

Check out the world’s only website dedicated to infant and child confinement solutions at Baby Cages. Simply sick and (a little) funny at the same. Are they for real? They even announced that they have just sold 10,000 baby cages. The one pictured looks like a dog cage to me. What’s the difference?

Their cages comes in all sizes. From the single baby, multiple baby cages to teenages cages for those long Atlantic flights. They even offer an electronic shocking system option for $100. I think Ashton Kuchter is hiding somewhere on the website to “Punk” us.

Story VIA The Gadget Blog. Check out the product page.

Cooling Water Bra Bikins

water braBy Colbert Low

On a hot day in summer, you can go for a swim in the public pool and… drink from a bra, but make sure you know the lady first or you might get a tight slap. This sure beats going back and forth between the swimming pool and the lockers.

OK. When you’re out for a swim and you get thirsty, what do you do ? Do you drink some sea water or the water from the swimming pool ? Admit it. Some people do. Now you don’t have to. You can store some refreshing mineral water in your bra. Is that cool or not ? I think the “F??? cup bra sizes should be sufficient for me. And you can forget about storing water in your G-string.

Check it out here. Story VIA The Gadget Blog.

Birdsong Identifier Alarm Clock

By Colbert Low

This is for the bird lovers. If you’re related to Grizzly Adams or just an outdoor person, you probably can’t wake up to the normal generic alarm clocks. What you need is a Purple Finch that gives you extra energy to wake up every morning, like only a bird’s delicious chirp ever could. Me, I’m just wondering when they can come out with one that has piglet sounds.

The Birdsong Identifier alarm clock uses Identifier Song Cards to play the tones it uses to awaken you from slumber. All you do is choose a song card of your choosing, like “America’s Most Beautiful Birds???, and you will rise to the sound of the Purple Finch, Northern Cardinal, or one of seven other birds. The clock requires batteries, which almost solidifies its ineptitude at being anything more than a novelty.

Story VIA The Gadget Blog.