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Grow Your Own

By ChapmanPlant Wall

Ever wonder what it would be like to have a Chia Pet that doubled for wallpaper? No? Me either.

Apparently someone at Promise Design had that very thought. They have developed panels made of coconut fiber and plastic framing that allow the user to grow panels of vegetation. The Phytoslim panels are currently in the design phase but appear to be intended as wall panels. Not that I’m against walls made of plants, but I’m not sure how watering and such would work out.

I’m going to stick with my Mohawk Sporting Chia Pet for now.

Story via Cool Hunting.

Generation NEX Nintendo

Generation NEX
By Chapman

When your childhood toys have become “retro” does that mean you are getting old?

The fine folks at Messiah Entertainment have apparently stolen my very thoughts and created a gaming masterpiece. The Generation NEX Nintendo takes both NES and Famicom cartridges. The form factor is much more slim than either the original NES or Famicom. Then, as if allowing me to play NARC again in peace without having to blow into my cartridge and perform strange ritual sacrifice wasn’t enough, they have included 2.4gHz wireless for the controllers.

I don’t normally get hyped up about rehashed game systems, but when a company takes a system that plays my favorite games of all time and makes it even better, I have to take notice.

I’m off to go find all my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle games and see if I qualify for the Senior Citizen discount at Wal-Mart.

Available from Messiah for $60 in September.

Story via UnCrate.

Wallpaper That Isn’t Flying Toasters

By ChapmanSingles Wallpaper

This has been around for a while now but it caught my eye. I know, you’re thinking “Wallpaper? What the (expletive deleted) is wrong with this guy?” But this is no ordinary wallpaper.

The trick here is that dapper young gentleman staring back at you is the wallpaper. The entire picture you see there is the wallpaper. The intention is to make your 450 sq. ft. Manhattan loft not seem so lonely when you come home from long days of making the kind of money that would buy you a house or two outside of New York.

I’ve always liked the idea of pictures as wallpaper. I think the obvious extension of this is for people to start making their own wallpaper with a digital camera and a lot of patience. Unfortunately, this may be the only way to get your own singles wallpaper for now because I’ve yet to discover how to purchase from their site.

Story VIA Guerrilla Innovation.

BBQ and Guns

By ChapmanGunBQ

At first it took me a second to realize what was novel about a giant gun shaped barbecue pit. Then I realized the rest of the world wasn’t raised in Georgia where this wouldn’t even elicit a second look.

An ambitious Texan, by the name of Joe Wood, built this beauty. It stands at 6’11” and is over 15 feet long. The pit is fully operational (I’m above making a Star Wars joke here) and weighs in at about 2 tons of wood and steel. Joe spent two years on the Gun-B-Q and about 1100 hours. This guy has “case-modder” written all over him.

Idle hands are the Devil’s tools. The Devil is really pissed at Joe.

Story via Boing Boing.

Monkeys Make Everything Better

By ChapmanBlowMonkey

I don’t paint my nails, lets just get that out of the way. However, I can appreciate anything designed with a monkey involved. Say hello to the Blow Monkey Nail Dryer.

Upon pressing his plate of bananas, this little monkey dries your nails for you. Supposedly, this works much more efficiently than flapping your hands around or blowing on them yourself. Again, I wouldn’t know anything about painting nails… I swear. My fiance demanded that I purchase one when she saw this. She will probably be getting one due to the equation that rules my purchasing decisions:

Time Saving Device + Monkey = Worthwhile Purchase

For £4.95 and the cost of two AAA batteries you too can be the proud owner of Blow Monkey Nail Dryer.

Story via Techie Diva.

Nostalgia Scale

Nostalgia ScaleBy – Chapman

In case digital scales are too accurate for you, the good folks at Gadget Universe are offering up this Nostalgia Scale.

“Hearken back to the days of yesteryear with an old-fashioned doctor’s scale.”

The Nostalgia Scale doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles but it gets the job done with style. It has a heavy steel base and includes a silver measuring rod. If dieting and pretending it is the 50’s is your thing then the Nostalgia Scale is for you. So now when you go to weigh yourself you can hearken back to the days before you developed your donut habit and didn’t need a scale.

The Nostalgia Scale is listed as coming soon for $99.95 at Gadget Universe.