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Morphing Concept Car With A USB Stick Key

Mazada SassouBy Asim Waqar

Some of the concept vehicles at auto shows eventually make it to the street. This particular concept from Mazada, named the Sassou, has some incredible features; lets just hope we see them soon!

• Advanced interior system using a USB stick key
• An ingenious rear seat morphing system
• Translucent plastic that disguises the head and rear lamps
• The glass roof itself is an extension of the front windshield
• Door handles are part of the side panels and rotate outwards when unlocked, then back into the body panel when the door is closed

If Mazda could find a way to develop an auto-driver, equip the car with an Infocus Screenplay , a Vutec Silverstar, and throw in some 3G access, well then I would have found my ultimate automobile!

The Sassou will be Unveiled at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

For a closer look visit the Mazada Sassou page at Japanese Car Fans here.

Sony’s Bluetooth VOIP Headset and Latpop

hbh-608Story by Asim Waqar

Call handling over the Internet has just been made a lot easier with the latest Sony Ericsson Bluetooth(TM) Headset HBH-608. Compatible with the Sony VAIO(R) BX series, Sony’s line of VAIO Professional notebooks announced yesterday, the HBH-608 offers a solution that frees your hands while taking phone calls.

Bluetooth(TM) wireless technology connects the notebook with the headset, making it possible to handle calls over the Internet (VoIP) without connecting any phone cables. The acoustic construction of speaker and microphone in the HBH-608 ensures high quality sound, whether it is used with a computer or a mobile phone. Matching the VAIO design, the HBH-608 is small and lightweight with a talk time of up to 10 hours.

No word on whether we will be able to use the HBH-662 or the HBH-660; both include Caller ID displays on the headset.

Visit the Sony HBH-608 product page here.

Price is a naked Zelda sunbathing under a lunar sun. [-Ed]

The Disposable Thong

disposable thingStory by AnonymousBecauseMyMomMightSee

$3 for a pack of 7, is a small price to pay if you have a need for disposable women’s undergarments in your life. Especially since they have these qualities:

• Very rapid drying
• Wicking properties help to warm in cold weather and cool in hot climates
• Odor resistant
• Stain and mildew resistant [I will not be held responsible for my contributor’s, uh, predilections -Ed]
• Strong and durable
• Very lightweight and comfortable

A product of DNA Products (insert your own CSI joke here), you can visit the product page for the LATHONG here.

MS and Scientific-Atlanta – Good For IPTV?

iptvBy Asim Waqar

For some time now, I have been thinking of quitting my job to make time to watch all the TV I want to. Soon, I may not have enough time for even a part-time position: Microsoft has just announced that they will be partnering with Scientific-Atlanta to deliver the long awaited promise of Internet protocol television – MS IPTV.

The new line of Scientific-Atlanta IP set-tops, which will be integrated with the Microsoft(R) TV IPTV Edition software platform, will support advanced codecs such as MPEG-4 Part 10/H.264 and VC-1 and will include standard- definition (SD), high-definition (HD), and whole home SD/HD digital video recorder (DVR) devices, as well as innovative gateway products that can serve an entire home with a single device.

Visit the Microsoft TV IPTV homepage here.


LAPD HDTV cameraBy Asim Waqar

Its time you trade in your aging television for those drastically reduced price plasmas or even a home theater projector. If we are lucky, soon we will be able to watch “COPS” in high-def!

Cineflex, a design, engineering and manufacturing company specializing in motion control camera systems, announced today that the Air Support Division of the Los Angeles Police Department has deployed its Cineflex V14.

With its full HD resolution camera (1920 x 1080 lines of resolution), the Cineflex V14 HiDEF provides the ability to covertly surveil suspects with an unprecedented level of detail from thousands of feet up. The imaging allows aircrews to determine, for example, not just that a suspect is holding an object in his hand, but whether it is a handgun or cell phone.

Visit the Cineflex homepage here.

Technical Specifications for the Cineflex V14 HiDEF are available in PDF format here.

Bosch EBS, No More Dead Car Batteries

bosch car of the futureBy Asim Waqar

A dead car battery can be justified when you take into account that checking the battery requires actual physical activity. That is all going to change due to a simple but useful innovation.

Bosch has developed an electronic battery sensor (EBS) designed to monitor a battery’s current and future performance levels (by measuring the temperature, current and voltage) which prevents vehicle breakdowns associated with depleted and near-depleted batteries.

This information can be used to ensure enough battery energy is preserved to guarantee a car starts every time it is turned on, and can be integrated with a car’s existing messaging/warning system.

The EBS will be available on an OEM production vehicle in 2006.

Visit the Bosch auto parts homepage here.

Innovative DVD/CD Protector

playo protectorBy Asim Waqar

Now that you have discovered the Usenet and BitTorrent, what are you to do with all of those DVD’s you will want to store for future use? We all know what a nightmare unprotected DVD’s can become when you go to your porn movie library only to find your favourite DVD is ruined because you stored it incorrectly. Your new best friend should be the Playo Ejector by ABCron.

It’s a case, within which the disc is held in suspended storage and is ejected halfway out by pressing the ejector trigger. The suspended storage and ergonomic extraction method guarantee the best possible protection of your stored data. The ejector disc protector is lightweight, highly transparent, and extremely resistant and secure against damage.

Visit the product page here. Price not yet published.

Update: As per an ongoing rant in the comments, let it be known these are OLD, like nice fermented delicious cheese! [-Ed]

3D Ceiling Tiles by USG

3d ceiling tilesStory by Asim Waqar

So you are building that extension and want it to have that cool factor that you yourself were never able to achieve. Personally I would recommend American Clay for the walls (I did that!), but I wish I had seen the 3-D ceiling panels from USG, before I decided to just paint the ceiling!

US Gypsum (USG) make some very unique wall and ceiling materials, but their latest offering is by far the coolest. Made of sturdy LEXAN®, BILLO panels have 250 times the strength of glass and 30 times the strength of acrylic. They are easy to clean without marring, hazing or yellowing, ensuring that they will look new for years to come.

The panels feature a smooth surface and are available in four translucent colors and one opaque panel. Price has not been released. Visit the product page here, where you can even order samples.

360 Degree Real Time Video Camera

360 degree camera imageStory by Asim Waqar

Ever wonder just what sort of evil doodle dandy happens right outside the field of view of most police cruiser-mounted cameras? Don’t you think that the viewing angle is made conspicuously narrow, leaving a whole lot of ground for, uh, unorthodox behavior to occur? Well, no doubt lawsuit-inspired reform is in the air, with the AV-360.

Joseph J. Mazzilli, who invented and patented the camera, spent eight years in the Organized Crime Control Bureau of the New York Police Department and infiltrated the Colombo crime family. The unit is a patented, highly effective real-time digital video camera attached to a vehicle’s rear view mirror, with a 360 degree viewing angle.

Targeted initially at law enforcement, the camera will be demonstrated in a police vehicle at the International Security Conference East in New York City on August 24th and 25th.

Price: well, would it really matter??

Wesbsite is under development (I imagine it will be up after the showing of the camera). Visit it here.