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eINK Coming in Color!

eink_artists_conceptionBy Asim Waqar

eINK’s technology has been around, making flexible, low power displays for a while. Now eINK engineers have built a full-color electronic paper display that is suitable for mass production.

This paper achieves 12-bit color – 400×300 pixel – resolution of 83 pixels per inch. It creates an image that looks like a printed page from all angles and maintains the same contrast ratio under all lighting conditions, including direct sunlight. The display uses up to 100 times less energy than a standard liquid crystal display (LCD), resulting in reduced weight and greatly extend battery life for any product employing it.

No prices yet, but it’s scheduled for mass production at the end of 2006, and the display will be shown at the E Ink booth of the annual FPD International trade show in Japan.

Visit for more info on the technology and latest news.

A flexible Brooke Burke swimsuit calendar is on the horizon! Now we are really starting to make our lives more useful through innovation!

Panasonic LX1 16:9 Video Sample

By Asim Waqar

So as requested, I have posted a short (yet large – be warned!) .mov video sample from my brand new, still under spousal possession LX1 16:9 8MP Camera I mentioned yesterday. As mentioned the camera is capable of shooting 30fps video at an astonishing 848×480 pixels. Video clip length depends on the size of the SD card you have. I heard somthing about a 4GB version??

I owned the Casio z750 before this camera, and would put the video quality on par with that camera (ok maybe a little less) but come on, this is 16:9 and I haven’t had time other than just point and shoot.

Overall it’s a great camera. If you are a videophile and disagree based on the convergence of the infrared isotopes causing some fringing in direct sunlight photography, please do not email me: I am a rookie and I LOVE the camera.

Check out the video here and enjoy!

Please visit the story from yeserday here for other info, including pricing and availability.

I Have The Panasonic LX1!

Story By Asim Waqar

A lot of buzz lately in the gadget and digital photography circles about the new, as-yet-to-be-released-in-the-US, Panasonic LX1 Camera. It boasts 8+ MP, Optical Image Stabilization, 16:9 Aspect Ratio (that’s right, 16:9 848×480 30 FPS video!), tons of manual options and the highest WAF of all my digital toys yet.

If you want to see the actual size and resolution of the above image (I am a rookie so that’s straight out of the box, point and shoot) click here (this jpg is about 4MB but the original RAW is 16+ MB). If there is enough interest, let me know and I can take some images/videos and share. No requests for unethical images, I only use DSLR’s for that.

For more hands-on impressions, and purchase locations, come inside.

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Samsung’s 16GB [That’s actually “Gb” -Ed] Memory Chip

Samsung NANDBy Asim Waqar

OK, so lets put it in perspective : this chip can store data equivalent to 200 years of a newspapers archive, 8,000 digital music files or 32 hours of DVD-quality music files on a single chip.

It will be able to boost storage capacity in a wide range of digital consumer electronic devices including cellular phones, digital cameras and MP3 players.

Samsung expects the 16Gb memory device to accelerate further expansion of the NAND flash memory market, eventually replacing mini hard disk drives (HDDs) and HDDs for personal computers as mainstream memory storage devices. Apart from other memory chips, flash memory can retain and store information even when the power supply is switched off.

Still in prototype, visit the Samsung NAND pages here.

Update: Hmph… So, um, 16 Gb is really gigabits and not gigabytes (that should be GB), making this an altogether different kind of animal. Or was the “b” really intended to be a “B”? I’m sure our intern will be happy to elucidate the matter as soon as he reads this.

Your Personal Planetarium

StardomeBy Asim Waqar

Numinus brings us the Stardome. These durable molded fiberglass domes are a turnkey solution to creating a magical sky full of twinkling stars. The true constellations are mapped out against a hand painted airbrushed sky with billowy clouds all around the horizon.

At night, this beautiful sky mural is lit with an indirect cove light. As the cove light dims, the beauty of the sunset plays out above you creating the endless illusion of a starry night. Perhaps you have seen simulated indoor skies in upscale hotels in Las Vegas or elsewhere.

No price in sight. You can check out videos, galleries and a slew of other info here.

Story VIA ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover Edition.

Handheld Thunderbolt Detector

Thunderbolt DetectorBy Asim Waqar

Storm safety experts Spectrum Electronics have announced the release of their professional-grade handheld storm detector to the general public.

I will not go into the details of how many people are struck by lightning each year, what the sensation is like, or what the all too weird results and aftereffects can be like. You can read all about that in this MSN Slate article (it’s actually some pretty entertaining reading!).

The ThunderBolt is a handheld storm detector capable of providing lightning protection by detecting thunderstorm activity from as far as 75 miles away. Once a storm is detected, it calculates the actual distance in miles and displays warning information on an easy-to-read LCD display. The ThunderBolt then continuously monitors the storm and provides 15-second updates on the distance, approach speed, intensity, and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) to the user’s exact location.

To be available in January 2006 – no price announced – visit the product page here.

Update: A little extra research by reader Daniel uncovers the price: about $480. Thanks Daniel.

Jabra’s Bluetooth Vibrator

Jabra BT350Story by Asim Waqar

If the word vibrator is the only reason you are reading this post, stop here. While many, er, “unique” hacks and uses can surely be found for Jabra‘s new BT-350 Bluetooh Headset, we will stick to the more professional uses.

Other than Bluetooth 1.2 compatibility, 6 hour talk time and noise cancellation, the BT-350 incorporates a vibrate mode which discreetly alerts you to incoming calls.

This should also help me loosen that wax build-up in my ear canals…

Sorry, I could not resist- the joke could have been much worse.

You can visit the product page here, and pre-order the $75 headset here.

The Stove Thats Also a Fridge

stove_fridgeBy Asim Waqar

Whirlpool’s unfortunately named GR556LRK (I would have called it the Chill Ranger) is a stove that also serves as a fridge. Simple as that, and brilliant as that. Imagine: you can set this thing to refrigerate your favorite meal, and then cook it at a preset time so it’s nice and steamy when you get home.

While this product in itself does not make me weak at the knees, it should help those of us you that are lazy and unskilled when it comes to cooking. And now that this is real, it’s only a matter of time until someone networks this puppy and gives us a web-interface!

Available in 4 colors (including Biscuit), MSRP is $1399 to $1599. If this is your cup’a soup, then, buy it, hack it, and I will convince this site’s Evil Head Honcho to let me write a story about your adventure.

Visit the product page here.

Live 3D HDTV Without The Glasses

By Asim Waqar

I have heard much about 3D formats that require no glasses, and have always wondered why live TV was never broadcast in 3D. Well now I know: the technology just wasn’t there.

Newsight GmbH (formally Opticality/X3D Technologies), together with companies Grundig and 3D Image Processing (3D IP), has succeeded in capturing live video and streaming it through an autostereoscopic 3D display system in real time whereas prior 3D content had been limited to post-production material.

No mention of time-to-market or prices, but you can learn more about 3D technologies at the 3D IP homepage here.

3D TV has been around a while. A 2004 Forbes article on the topic can be found here.