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Groomy- the Desk Shammy

By Andrew SineniDog Shammy

So we all have lots of toys on our desks. I have these fantastic toys called “pens” and “staplers.” I play in a wonderful world called “office” where munchkins and ewoks wrestle in the lush greenery I call my “desk.”

If you are not so fortunate to have been eating mushrooms all morning, you may want to consider getting yourself one of these Groomy things. For $8.50USD you can clean your desk monitor with this cute, cuddly Shiba Ken dog while crying your sorrows away. Oh yeah, by the way- Ken told Jamie that you called in sick because you had tickets for Bob Vila Live last Tuesday. Jamie is pissed. I heard this in the kitchen at lunch when Sally told Justin that she didn’t want to continue with the extramatiral affair they were having and he threw hot coffee in her face.

I need a drink.

You can purchase one of these creatures of the desk at

Your City is Your Clock

By Andrew Sinenistreetclock

I believe this was a student project from the Royal Academy of Art. You are probably saying to yourself, “Big deal, they painted some yellow over a couple shadows and wrote down the time!??? But really, the “design??? of the clock uses an entire urban area as a sundial.

What made me so interested in this is that this is more intricate, more technically advanced, and more cool than any time keeping device on the market. How much design, architecture, and science go into making those shadows tell time? Let me tell you… eleven of each.

Ok, so I didn’t sleep well last night and I am really tired. Nonetheless, this is pretty amazing stuff. Thanks Liz.

The BikeBark, Protector of Bicycles

By Andrew Sineni bikeprotector

The designers over at Fuse hit on something. As an avid biker who lives in a fairly large urban area, I understand the woes of bicycle dings. I see people all of the time with rags wrapped around their bikes in order to prevent such nonsense. I certainly like the way Fuse is thinking with the BikeBark, a zip-up protective rubber sleeve specifically designed to prevent your bike’s paint from getting scratched. My only problem with their solution is that it may not be easily configurable to different locking positions. If it were only secured with something other than a zipper so it could be wrapped into smaller settings…

The other thing that is needed for maximum bicycle pleasure would be some ultra lightweight Texas grade animal horns that easily mount to the cycle’s handle bar. This is precisely what I need to teach that smug little 8-year-old brat who continues walking slow to his bus stop. He’ll certainly think twice about slowing me down next time.

Check out Fuse here.

Gator Splendor

By Andrew SineniGator lamp

The people at say it’s hideous… but lets be reasonable. I would imagine it is extremely durable with a heart of gold. Look at the gators mischievous grin. How can you resist? I just purchased two, one for my living room and one for my kitchen. Nothing says, “lets make lemon infused risotto with wild mushrooms??? like a grinning gator lamp. Nothing.

Buy several of these objects of beauty at for only 29.99!

Up and Down Lamp

By Andrew Sineni Upanddownlamp

This lamp by Fxballéry Design is so very practical. The height adjusts fordifferent activities. The best part about this is that it probably works well for task based lighting as well as a nice floor lamp. It would be nice to see a change in it’s form to make it a little less ambiguous, but overall it looks pretty nice.

Note the “boogieing down??? going on in the picture. I would turn that light up another notch to insure that the boogieing is done to its maximum extent. If you ask me, the two things every party needs is proper lighting and someone’s older creepy brother getting all of the fifteen-year-old girls drunk. Stop touching me there, nobody has that right! Check out the design firm here.

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Mobile Phone Buddy

By Andrew Sineni marimo

This “marimo??? stuff is sold all over Asia. I bought a few packets of it in Hong Kong last month to give to people as souvenirs. One day we decided to grow one in the office and after doing so I am led to believe that it is responsible for spreading SARS, as I am still deathly ill. There was nothing on the package about not eating it…

Anyway, pictured here is a cord and bag for attaching this crud to your mobile phone. According to Compact Impact it is a breed of fresh water algae. Yes, I said algae. This is the same gunk that I clean out of my beta’s (in case you were wondering his name is “Smooches???) fish bowl, which is exactly what I need to hang around my Razor to prove my street cred’.

Anyway, I’d like to see more living organisms that can be attached to my mobile devices. Next on my wish list would be a miniscule genetically engineered child whose sole purpose in life is to keep my Ipod clean. This thing is filthy!

Buy your bag of algae for $8 at Compact Impact here.