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Deal Of The Day: 57% Off On BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer


I had one of these for a couple of weeks a while back. It’s great! But I lost it… because I drank too much and it fell out of my jacket’s pockets. Funny, huh? Anyway, the BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer is a small device that analyzes your blood alcohol content with great accuracy, and transmits the results to your smartphone. The accuracy is due to the fact that it uses a “law-enforcement grade” fuel cell to determine the results, as opposed to the cheaper and less accurate semi-conductors used in other similar products. It’s normally $200, but you can have it for $84.99 with today’s deal, which is a steal.

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Aw, That’s A Cute Kitty…


You’re going to wear this T-Shirt and inevitably someone is going to point out the cute cat poking out of your pocket. And that’s your moment to shine! Just pull down the front and show them that while you may like cats, you like them when they have an attitude. It’s made by Ripndip and it’s called Lord Nermal. It’s a $34 purchase and is understandably sold out at the moment, because there’s nothing more viral than a cute kitty giving you the finger.

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LithiumCard PRO Can Output Up To 3 Amps


There are tons of external batteries with varying features that make them more or less compelling to the discerning consumer. The LithiumCard has been a popular offering, with a tiny footprint and significant power capacity. But the LithiumCard PRO takes things a couple of steps further:

Our Engineers were faced with a design principle that was coined the 1-2-3 challenge.

Our Unparalleled R&D Efforts Resulted In:
1 Full charge on an iPhone 6
2 Times the thickness of the original LithiumCard but 3X the capacity
3 Amps of class-leading power. It’s equivalent to the combined speed of 3 Apple iPhone wall chargers. Means less time charging, up to a third of the wait for a full charge!

To give you an idea of what this means, the iPhone 6 Plus can demand up to 2Amps of power when charging, even though the cube that Apple provides can only output 1A. So with the LithiumCard PRO you’ll be able to get it charged twice as fast as if you were plugging it into the wall. And even though it comes with its own Lightning (or MicroUSB) connector, there’s also a USB port to allow charging of other devices.

Another interesting feature is that if you plug your iPhone to your PC through the LithiumCard, not only will you be able to sync, you’ll also charge the LituhimCard PRO and the iPhone simultaneously. There are even more features, but we’re running out of space. All you need to know is that for a $39 pledge, you can get your hands on one of the smallest, most convenient and ingenious external chargers on the market. And that’s half the expected retail price. Delivery is expected in May.


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Meltaonin Spray Gets You To Sleep In A Wink


If you normally have trouble falling asleep, you might have tried many different solutions, from sleeping pills, to alcohol, to melatonin pills. These work to varying degrees, but the Sprayable Sleep product we’re featuring here looks interesting. Developed by Ben Yu and Deven Soni at Stanford University last March along with a team of chemists and designers, Sprayable Sleep is a liquid that you spray on your skin to help you fall asleep. It’s made of Melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep, and is apparently more effective than the oral version of the same. The fact that it’s administered topically means it will avoid it being eliminated by your liver, as well as allow it to enter your bloodstream slowly over a long period of time. Allegedly, this makes it more effective; early reviews have been positive. You not only fall asleep more easily, but your sleep it more restful and you don’t wake up as groggy. It’s $15 for a bottle that lasts about one month, but you have to buy them 3 at a time, so $45.


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Sponsored: Discover Toyota’s i-Road, Part of An Exciting Green Solution To An Urban Mobility Problem


The following article is sponsored by Toyota. – Ed.

As the technology matures, we’re starting to see more and more electric vehicles on our motorways. What started out as a slow, somewhat boring type of locomotion is becoming increasingly interesting, and Toyota’s i-Road may be the most intriguing vehicle we’ve come across in a while.

The i-Road is a zero-emissions three-wheeled electric vehicle, with a 50km (31miles) range, which features Active Lean technology. This means the two front wheels are able to go up or down automatically to make the vehicle lean into corners, giving the riders a sensation similar to that of skiing. Another way to look at it is that it’s a bit of a cross between a motorcycle and a car. Except unlike in a motorcycle, it’s the i-Road that determines the best lean angle based on your speed and how tightly you’re turning, automatically actuating the front wheels. It also features a comfortable cabin that shelters you from the elements and lets you listen to music.

Measuring just 870 millimeters wide, the i-Road is able to ride on the side of the lane, leaving space for other cars to pass. This gives it true urban mobility, with enhanced maneuverability in crowded city environments. It’s so small, it only needs a quarter to half of a regular parking space.

This EV is currently being tested in the city of Grenoble, France, as part of a ride sharing effort called Cité Lib by Ha:mo. Toyota provided 35 i-Road’s for this test, and there are charging stations throughout the city, which allow people to rent the vehicle for a short trip and to drop it off at a station near their destination. The idea is to solve the “last-mile problem”, by which a large portion of the population doesn’t reside within easy walking distance to their nearest point of access to public transportation. By installing charging stations in these areas, Grenoble residents are able to use the application to view availability of EVs, book the vehicles and have easier (and greener) access to the city’s entire public transportation infrastructure.

If you wish to find out more about the project, follow the link below.

[ The Project’s Web Page ]

Deal Of The Day: The DJI Phantom 2 Giveaway


Everyone loves drones. Everyone and their neighbour is buying a drone. But you know what’s better than a drone? A free drone. That’s why we’re excited to be bringing you this DJI Phantom 2 Giveaway. This is not a toy drone. In fact it normally costs $679! It’s a semi-professional quadcopter drone that’s capable of carrying high quality video recording equipment on a stabilizing gimbal for those stunning aerial shots you’re seeing more and more. It comes with so many features we won’t list them all. And it could be yours for free. So don’t wait and enter this giveaway, the winner will be chose in two weeks.

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Plugzee Gives Old Speakers Bluetooth Functionality


There’s a very good chance that somewhere in your house there’s a set of speakers that haven’t played a note in a few years. Maybe it’s an old set of PC speakers that you haven’t touched because now you use a laptop? Well, just hook them up to Plugzee and start streaming music back to them from up to 33ft. away. It even works with your car audio system, as long as you have an AUX-in plug. And yes, that means you can make handsfree calls now, since there’s even an integrated mic on the device. It works with any device that has Bluetooth, and will keep pumping your tunes out for up to 18 hours on a single charge. A $49 pledge gets you two, while $30 gets you one. Shipping in July.


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Hello Kitty Contact Lenses Exist


You shouldn’t be surprised. There’s a Hello Kitty toilet seat and a Hello Kitty chainsaw, so why shouldn’t there be contact lenses? These are $39 and are non-corrective. You can wear them for one month before you need to get new ones. They come in a dark brown color.

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LEGO Brick Coffee Table


It looks like we’re going to be talking about coffee tables today. The LEGO Coffee table is the creation of Easy seller Branching Outward, and is made to order from lacquered wood and comes in a variety of finishes. It measures 28.5 inches x 16 inches x 15 inches, eight in at 48lbs. and costs $375(USD). They’ll ship to the continental US only, so the rest of the world will have to go without this beauty.


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