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The Most Memorable Marketing Techniques from The Tech Industry

The Tech Industry is a very diverse industry and its varied sectors have an impact on just about every aspect of our modern lives. From our communications to recreation, phones, computers, social media; in fact, just about any facet of modern life that you can make is underpinned by creativity and innovation from tech firms.

In the beginning, technology fields were the sole remain of self-professed nerds and what they were doing appeared to the rest of the world to be essentially magic. It is of little surprise then that the technology industry has set itself apart from other industries in a number of ways, including its approach to marketing products and services. Below are some of the now ubiquitous marketing techniques that, for one reason or another, we wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the tech industry.

Viral Marketing
There is much debate as to when the first viral marketing campaign was launched and it is probably fair to say that what we now call vital marketing has always existed in some form. It took the modern technology industry to unleash its full potential, however.

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4 Features Of A Great PGP Encryption Provider

If you’re comparing PGP encryption providers, it’s probably because you value security and privacy. You don’t want people snooping around your emails, especially not cybercriminals who can use your personal information against you. If you’re a telecommunications user concerned about security, look for a PGP encryption provider with these 4 features.

1. Convenience

PGP encryption is easily accessible in the form of BlackBerry PGP encryption: an encryption provider will tailor a BlackBerry mobile device so that it’s highly secure and easy to use. The most secure way to accomplish this is to strip away non-email functions to prevent malware from infecting the device. Mobile devices are being compromised at never-before-seen rates; nearly 85 percent of global smartphones were infected with some type of malware in 2016.

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Pixie Helps Travellers Keep Track of Their Gear, and Sanity, While on the Road With a New Luggage tracker app

Pixie just became the perfect travel companion.

Now a smart luggage tracker, Pixie is just getting smarter and smarter.

This time, helping travelers achieve peace of mind by providing you with a way to breeze through the airport and even help prevent luggage theft… Basically, it allows you to eliminate the hassle of airport bag mix-up at the conveyor belt using the Baggage Claim App. Finally, the answer to a problem that affects over 24M bags every year (Sita, 2017) many of them “accidentally” taken by others at baggage claim.

We think that the release of Baggage Claim, came just in time for the holiday season. Many are still flying off to their dream vacations or taking well deserved weekend trips and many more will soon travel to celebrate the holidays and Pixie is the perfect companion.

Who is Pixie
Statistics show that the average American spends two and a half days looking for items they lost or misplaced. Apparently, the amount paid to replace these lost items adds up to a whopping total of $2.7 billion a year.

The most commonly misplaced or lost items are house or car keys.

Whether we admit it or not, this has happened to us. Misplaced or lost, there are things that we just can’t find, so we end up replacing them. And we spend hours to trying and find them, and we have all been late to work or school because of searching for these things.

This is where Pixie comes in. In case you didn’t know, Pixie helps find missing items so you don’t have to waste time looking for them or, buy replacements.

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How Technology is Healing Social Isolation for Seniors

Many seniors experience a deep sense of social isolation (this guy up here doesn’t mind though). This is due to a number of factors: they are no longer part of a workforce, family and friends have moved away, and it may be more difficult to leave the house to do the things they used to. In addition to sociological factors, seniors struggling with cognitive challenges or mobility issues find it difficult to connect with others, simply because it’s difficult to join a senior center or religious community and participate in activities.

Loneliness is a sense of grief due to lack of social connection. It creates psychological issues like depression and anxiety, as well as sedentary behaviors that increase health risks. If these are not addressed, a decline in cognitive abilities also occurs. While the ideal solution to heal loneliness would be to help seniors join a community where they feel a sense of connection, technology can help mitigate many of the risks of loneliness and the anguish of social isolation.

As seniors become more comfortable with the use of computers and Internet-connected devices and increasingly familiar with social media, they can engage in online communities and reconnect with family and friends.

Many seniors find smartphones bewildering. Moreover, they are continually evolving. Manufacturers make advances and add innovative features with every new model. For instance, earlier Android models of the Samsung Galaxy series did not have the need for much security because the technology was so new that hackers hadn’t figured out a way to exploit them. Since then, criminal-minded geeks have upped their game, but the latest Android devices have developed such sophisticated user authentication features that it is almost impossible for anyone else to use the phone.

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Know How To Write? We’re Hiring

So… whatever regulars that are still around might have noticed: content is thin these days. The reasons for this are long and potentially boring, but maybe one day I’ll write my memoirs and delight you guys on the best way to run a website into the ground. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a little fight left in me, and I’ve decided it’s time to hire someone to write for OhGizmo! again.

It won’t pay much, but you’ll be read by a quarter million readers monthly. There’s a contact form right here (and up on the nav bar too, if you bother to look), where you can submit your candidacy, and I’ll be reviewing applications. You need to be able to write well and be interested in tech; I’m assuming if you’re reading this in the first place you already have part 2 nailed down. Past writers have gone on to become fully employed writers at legit professional publications, like Gizmodo and IEEE, so who knows where you might end up. Either bored or a millionaire… or somewhere in between.

We’ll discuss compensation when you apply, but don’t expect to buy a yacht with this money. But hey, if you’re finding yourself browsing the web all day and occasionally think “Geez, this OhGizmo! site sure could use some of my talent.”, then why not try it out and make a few bucks in the process?

Top Digital Marketing Tips You Need To Read

Digital Marketing is a lucrative business and it is far more effective for larger and more competitive businesses. If it is done effectively, it has far more success than small business advertising does. This is a business that is always evolving, as more and more ideas continue to emerge; however, it takes time and effort to promote and perfect different strategies to help your business grow. There are several different keys to successful digital marketing. There are multiple channels in which a digital marketing audience can be reached; blogs, social media, e-mail, podcasts and websites. The following strategies will help kick your career into high gear.

First of all, you need to keep up with all the major digital marketing sites, such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, and also keep up with industry news. Blogs also help share information which is geared toward a specific audience. The sort of information that is expressed in a blog inspires a specific audience to not only read the original content, but also brings people back to the blog for future reading. You can also use social media sites, such as facebook, to boost your business. It is important to build trust and brand loyalty with the audience. However, do not strictly advertise. You should aim to build a relationship with the audience. Try to keep content simple, be consistent, and always respond to feedback with a positive attitude and as quickly as possible. You might find this article interesting.

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Most Infamously Unreliable Gadgets We Can’t Live Without


The screen cracks. The signal fails. The battery dies. And woe betides you if you get it wet. The smartphone is arguably the king of unreliable gadgetry. But for all the hassle of carrying something around as delicate as a newborn baby in your pocket, us consumers can’t live without our beloved cell phones.

How to Fix It

If you can’t bring yourself to step back into the brick-phone age – like the famous Nokia 3310 (which has been revived by the company) – then be sure to invest in some top quality protection. Modern protective cases come with a range of life-proof defense mechanisms against water and brute force, such as the aptly-named ‘Survivor’ by Griffin, will ensure your smartphone stays safely intact from a drop of up to 10 feet.

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How To Ship Your Technology Quickly And Compliantly

With media being consumed on demand faster that ever before, with companies like Netflix making TV shows and movies available for streaming just months after their release to please users, it’s imperative that the signals used to transmit content are reliable. Cloud-based service providers that exist for social, entertainment-based, informative, or professional purposes are all expanding globally to reach a larger client base. Conversely, those who’ve already expanded internationally still require the IT equipment used to supply their service to be shipped securely, and on time. These clients require technology resellers from whom they can lease these necessary goods, it’s an opportunity to enter a global market like no other, so why do so many value-added resellers choose to stay local?

What many cloud-based service providers don’t realize is just how complex cross-border transactions can be, particularly for the reseller whose responsibility it is to have the goods cleared upon arrival. Technology is treated with high sensitivity at the customs of most countries, and because there is no conventional customer, often an Importer of Record is hired so the goods may be cleared compliantly. Before this process can take place, there is also a pre-approval process to contend with that requires the exporting entity to prepare all the correct paperwork including a commercial invoice, freight delivery waybill, and other pieces of customs support documentation like permits and further certifications.

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Tech Our Grandparents Never Saw Coming

Back to the Future II is an interesting case study in futurism in film, but it’s also a fun way of looking at our expectations of where technology was going to go. In 1989, we thought there was a good chance we’d be on hoverboards and flying cars powered by our waste products. Who could have predicted Nike would file a patent for self-lacing shoes?

Sci-fi drives our passion for technology and the innovations we make in real life. We jokingly talk about home surveillance like a throwback to Big Brother in the book 1984. Today, home monitoring systems are common and safe. The entire smart home is something our grandparents never saw coming, but they actually did have some equivalents back then that might surprise you.

Door Shakers and Home Security
Post World War I, theft became a major issue as folks struggled to protect property. Americans realized home security was a challenge, and that one needed to work hard to protect what one had earned. Burglar alarms were sold that would create loud noises in the event of a break in, but the door itself remained a weak point in home security.

Enter “door shakers”.

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