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USB Kill Stick Will Fry Any Computer In Seconds


We’re not sure why anyone would want to use this, other than for potentially illegal reasons; it’s being marketed as a “test of your system’s power surge protectors”, but let’s be real here… Still, it’s interesting to know it exists nonetheless. It’s called The USB Killer and its only purpose is to try and overwhelm any electric USB-connected system with repeated power surges.

The USB Kill collects power from the USB power lines (5V, 1 – 3A) until it reaches ~ -240V, upon which it discharges the stored voltage into the USB data lines.
This charge / discharge cycle is very rapid and happens multiple times per second.
The process of rapid discharging will continue while the device is plugged in, or the device can no longer discharge – that is, the circuit in the host machine is broken.

In testing, about 95% of devices succumbed to the USB Killer. It’s a powerful and destructive little dongle, and we don’t condone buying or using it. If you want one anyway, it’s 49,95 €, or roughly $56. Currently backordered, since the Intertubes seems to have made this go viral.

[ Product page ]

Deal Of The Day 74% Off On SimpleTelly, Lifetime Subscription


Another day, another VPN deal. This time we bring you news of SimpleTelly, A Lifetime Subscription. It’s a nicely reviewed service that offers you a lot of what other VPNs are offering out there, but for an even lower price.

SimpleTelly is a smart DNS service that bypasses geo-restrictions to bring you the streaming content you want from anywhere in the world. It sneaks around geo-restrictions like a VPN, but it doesn’t slow down your connection when too many people are on a server. And, you can watch it at home on any device that connects to the Internet, like your Xbox360, smartphone or AppleTV. From the Netflix series you plan to binge on next weekend to a blacked out NFL game, never miss a beat with SimpleTelly for life.

– Stream your favorite sites like Netflix, Hulu, ABC, NBC, HBO, BBC, Pandora & more without the pesky ‘not available in your location’ message
– Enjoy 135 supported channels & counting
– Use on your laptop, consoles, smart TV, iPad, Android devices & more
– Bypass sporting event blackouts for football, basketball, hockey & WWE common in the US
– Don’t suffer through buffering; intercept only the content needed
– Binge watch all you want w/ unlimited streaming
– Watch your shows at your Internet speed & not at the slow speed of a server loaded w/ people
– Connect to secure, dedicated servers located in 36 countries
– Utilize with unlimited devices

Normally $150, the lifetime subscription is only $39 with today’s deal.

[ Get The SimpleTelly Lifetime Subscription ]

Altered: Nozzle Is A Misting Faucet That Conserves 98% Of Your Water


Look, we’re a peoples that likes to waste. But it doesn’t have to be that way and efforts like the Altered: Nozzle are really good ways to move in the right direction. It’s a special faucet that allows you to save up to 98% of the water you would normally use. It does this by turning your regular flow into a fine mist; this should be enough to wash your hands and even rinse off some dishes. If you need a bigger flow for anything, like filling up a glass of water, you simply wise the nozzle and open up the floodgates. Mind you, even at the higher flow rate, you’ll still be saving around 75% of the water you’d normally use. It will be available in three different EU/US standard sizes: Regular, Junior and TomThumb, and allegedly installs in 30 seconds. Currently on Kickstarter, the Atered: Nozzle should be available in December of this year. It’s a kr324 (that’s 324 Swedish Krona, or about $38) pledge.


[ Project Page ] VIA [ OddityMall ]

Star Trek TNG Bluetooth ComBadge


Serious Trekkies out there are in for a treat. Hot on the heels of the Star Trek Communicator you all seemed to like so much comes news of the Star Trek TNG Bluetooth ComBadge. It connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth and lets to make and take calls with a simple touch. It wouldn’t, of course, be anything special if it didn’t play that classic communicator chirp when the button is pressed, and we’re glad to say this does. It’s an officially-licensed replica, and it attaches using magnets so you don’t have to make holes in your clothes. It’s $79.99, exclusively at ThinkGeek, and available in November 2016.


[ Product Page ] VIA [ MikeShouts ]

Deal Of The Day: 43% Off On Gorilla Power 4-Port USB World Travel Charger


Travelling soon? You’re still going to have to charge your electronics, and if you don’t get yourself something like the Gorilla Power 4-Port USB World Travel Charger, you’ll have a harder time of it.

World traveler? Lot of devices? You’re going to want the Gorilla Power 4-Port USB World Travel Charger. Roughly the size of a USB mouse, this charger is designed with interchangeable travel adapters for Australian, US, UK, and EU outlets, while maintaining 4, fully powered 34W output ports. Anywhere you go, you can charge all of your devices from one central hub.

– Charges 2 tablets & 2 smartphones simultaneously
– Offers interchangeable world travel adapters for AU, US, UK, & EU
– Delivers industry-high 4-port, 34W power
– Uses top-grade microchips & built-in fail-safes to ensure full power & full safety

It’s a really useful device to have, and one that will keep on being useful for years to come. Normally $49.95, it’s $27.99 with today’s deal, as always shipped for free.


[ Get The Gorilla Power 4-Port USB World Travel Charger ]

The Dark Knight’s Batpod Is Up For Auction


I firmly believe that The Dark Knight was one of the best movies ever made. Aside from the late Heath Ledger’s legendary performance, the movie was bursting with amazing elements, like its soundtrack, its complex but rich storyline, and it’s remarkable vehicles. One of these, the Batpod, is now up for auction. It’s one of six such bikes that were built for the film.

This incredible vehicle features a custom-made chassis with 31″ Hoosier racing tyres and a Honda 750 engine. Fibreglass body panels finished in metallic grey paint cover the bike’s engine and handlebars. A pair of cannon barrels made of plastic, resin and fibreglass are secured at the front of the vehicle, and a laser targeting unit is fitted above the right hand grip. A radiator and hydraulics are fitted behind the saddle, and the braking system is operated by controls on the left handle and the right pedal. Black foam padding is installed on the body, saddle and knee rests for comfort whilst riding.

Well-used on both productions, as well as in the promotion of the films as part of the Warner Bros. archive, the Batpod displays some wear to the body panels and some light corrosion on the chassis, with damage to the left gun mount as a result of use on se

We don’t expect you to buy this and ride it around or anything; we’re not even sure that’s legal. But for anyone looking to own a piece of movie history, the Batpod is expected to fetch somewhere around £60000 – £80000 ($80,000USD – $105,000USD).

[ Auction Page ]

Don’t Miss One Second Of TV With This Specially Shaped Mug


What a time to be alive! The TV Beer Mug is a plastic mug with the top part shaved off at an angle. Why? Well, so you can still see the TV when you bring it up to your mouth to drink, of course! It’s not a problem I noticed I had, because I think my brain shuts off momentarily while I sip my beer, much like I don’t notice myself blinking; it’s just something that happens, and happens often. But not that I’ve seen this product, it makes me wonder how I lived.

Sadly it seems to be made for right-handed drinkers only, but for the sake of not missing a single millisecond of whatever it is you’re watching, you could always just suck it up and drink with the “wrong” hand. It’s $11.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Geekologie ]

Deal Of The Day: 66% Off On Urge Basics Snakeskin MFi Certified Lightning Cable


Look, the Urge Basics Snakeskin MFi Certified Lightning Cable might not be for everyone. I mean, how many people really are into this particular pattern? But in the end, the fact that it costs only $10 should give you pause. Isn’t that, like, less than half the price of a regular Apple cable?

Stop continually replacing your Lightning cables and just get one with a little backbone. The Urge Basics Snake Skin MFi Certified Lightning Cable is compatible with all your Lightning-port Apple devices without having to move any external cases, and the mesh, snakeskin faux leather cable with leatherette shell will resist far more wear and tear than the standard cable. Give your iPhone the cable it deserves.

– MFi certified, 8-pin Lightning cable uses the original connector & authentication chip from Apple
– Designer layer provides additional durability & style
– Slim design allows use w/ devices w/o removing case

Normally $29.95, it’s $9.99 with today’s deal, shipped at no extra cost.

[ Get The Snakeskin MFi Certified Lightning Cable ]

One-Handed Bottle-Opening Is A Thing Now With The Throttle Opener


The Throttle Opener is a small magnetic one-handed bottle opener. It automagically clasps your bottle cap and gives you just enough leverage to pop it out with your thumb. That’s it. That’s all it does. It’s one of those cool things to have when you’re drinking beer, because well, when you’re drinking enough of it you might find it entertaining. It’s a $19 pledge, and shipping could happen as soon as November.


[ Project Page ] VIA [ OddityMall ]