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The NoPhone Air vs iPhone 8

If you’re starting to get fatigue with all these new smartphones coming out every month, then maybe it’s time to upgrade just one more time, to the NoPhone Air. The NoPhone Air is a revolutionary product that combines the convenience of an iPhone with the flexibility of the air that surrounds us. Let’s see how it stack up against the new iPhone 8.

  • NoPhone Air doesn’t need to be charged. iPhone 8 needs to be charged several times per week.
  • NoPhone Air can never be broken. iPhone 8 can’t even survive a fall off of a skyscraper.
  • iPhone 8 weighs more than 1,000,000 times more than the NoPhone Air.
  • iPhone 8 locks you into a long and pricey contract. NoPhone Air is a no-contract device.
  • iPhone 8 has no 3.5mm headphone jack, but neither does the NoPhone Air. This one’s a draw.

As you can clearly tell, the NoPhone Air is geared to bring serious competition into the smartphone wars, and it’s coming in guns-blazing. Sure, there are some features we’d like to see in the future, like a screen, camera, buttons or body, but for $6 you really shouldn’t expect more than a plastic package with a pocket of air.

NoPhone Air ]

Fitly is a Backpack You Can Wear While Running

If you’ve ever tried running, you know how hard it is to keep simple things in your pocket. Keys and wallets flop around like crazy, and phones are another story altogether, most people end up buying an armband to keep them phone safe.

Bringing a back pack would be nice, but they’re too heavy and loose to use, but Fitly is different. It’s a minimalist backpack with small pockets to hold things tight against your body while running. Its adjustable strap, which sits right under the chest, is what allows the Fitly to firmly stay in place and its gentle stretching pockets prevent your belongings from bouncing around. It’s great for those keys, a card or two and maybe even a nutrition bar, and lets you run without worrying that your stuff will fall out of your pockets.

It’s available on Kickstarter for $69 and seem like a great idea for most serious runners. Great, now I need a new excuse for why I can’t go running.

KickStarter ] VIA [ CoolThings ]

Exploring the Top Benefits of Tech Gadgets for Education

Whether you are looking for the best Bluetooth earbuds to listen to the latest lecture that you recorded or you simply need a more sophisticated calculator, you know that certain gadgets are imperative to streamlining the education process. Learning more about how certain gadgets can benefit you when you are learning will help you to make sure that you have the ones that you need to get the most out of the material that you are studying.


Study When It is Convenient for You


Certain tech gadgets make it easier for you to study on the go, or at least review lectures and the basic material. For example, if you have the best Bluetooth earbuds handy, you can listen to lectures while you are commuting to school or when you are waiting for an appointment. You can also utilize a flashcard app on your smartphone and create flashcards that include the pertinent information that you are learning in your classes. Both of these make it easier to review the material more often so that you can master it.

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What are the Best Laptops of 2017?

Mobile technology has become increasingly popular lately and it offers users an incredibly diversity, not only in terms of applications and software, but also in terms of hardware. Nowadays, people can choose from a wide array of devices that provide the flexibility necessary to keep up with modern life. Among these, laptops are definitely the most popular ones. So, if you are thinking about making a good purchase before 2017 is over and you want to read some reliable laptop reviews, then this article is for you. There are several sophisticated models and trusted brands that have stood out during the past months, but the best thing you can do is pick a device that matches best your personal needs. So, whether you are searching for a product for gaming, one that will replace your desktop, or a light laptop you can carry around daily, you will find plenty of qualitative machines. Beautiful design, unbelievable technical specifications and edgy features – there I a whole range of products for you to pick from. Here comes our recommendations:

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Gadgets the Whole Family Can Enjoy

It’s gift season. And these days, gift season means gadget season. Consumer electronics companies often choose this time of year to mass produce cheap garbage that no one should buy. We will often buy enticing looking tech objects for gifts that we would never buy for ourselves. These cheap gadgets have the benefit of making us appear to be thoughtful gift givers, while also providing a sense of being on the cutting edge of coolness.

It wasn’t that long ago that Amazon offered a 6-pack of super cheap tablets so that you could hand them out like trading cards. Trading cards would have been a better long-term gift. Race to the bottom tech gifts generally serve only the needs of the seller. They end up in junk drawers and landfills. Your family deserves better. So instead of getting several pieces of junk for individual family members, why not get one or two nice things the whole family can enjoy? Here are a few suggestions:

Drones are the hot tech item of 2017. And they will be flying off of store shelves like nothing else this year. The reason is versatility. Drones cover the market in the categories of age, experience, utility, gender, and price. There is almost no category of person that can’t find a drone that is right for them.

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5 Gadgets To Buy Online For Your Wedding

Are you in the process of planning a wedding? Have you come to find that you are already spending a lot more money than you thought you would? Are you looking for ways to save money on future expenses?

If you answered yes to these questions, you are in the same position as many others. With the average cost of a wedding right around $35,000, it goes without saying that you’ll be spending quite a bit of money as the planning process moves forward.
While shopping locally for some items is a good idea, others can be purchased online. Not only does this give you access to a larger selection of products, but it goes a long way in helping you save money as well.

Some products are easier to purchase online than others, but paying attention to trends will go a long way in helping you understand where to get the best deals.

With all this in mind, let’s examine five of the many gadgets you can buy online for your dream wedding:

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Gaming Competitions Are Big Business, And This Infographic Shows You Just How Big

You may have a friend who plays constantly and is fond of saying he’ll “turn pro one day”. You may have laughed at this friend, because hey, it’s just a game, right? How can one make a living off gaming? Well, let’s be real. You knew there was money in gaming, but did you know just how much?

The infographic below gives you a solid breakdown. $10,000,000 for DOTA2? That’s some real money. Sure the odds of ever winning something like that are slim and the competition is stiff, but the dream these players are chasing is real and ridiculously lucrative so who can blame them?

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The Most Memorable Marketing Techniques from The Tech Industry

The Tech Industry is a very diverse industry and its varied sectors have an impact on just about every aspect of our modern lives. From our communications to recreation, phones, computers, social media; in fact, just about any facet of modern life that you can make is underpinned by creativity and innovation from tech firms.

In the beginning, technology fields were the sole remain of self-professed nerds and what they were doing appeared to the rest of the world to be essentially magic. It is of little surprise then that the technology industry has set itself apart from other industries in a number of ways, including its approach to marketing products and services. Below are some of the now ubiquitous marketing techniques that, for one reason or another, we wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the tech industry.

Viral Marketing
There is much debate as to when the first viral marketing campaign was launched and it is probably fair to say that what we now call vital marketing has always existed in some form. It took the modern technology industry to unleash its full potential, however.

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4 Features Of A Great PGP Encryption Provider

If you’re comparing PGP encryption providers, it’s probably because you value security and privacy. You don’t want people snooping around your emails, especially not cybercriminals who can use your personal information against you. If you’re a telecommunications user concerned about security, look for a PGP encryption provider with these 4 features.

1. Convenience

PGP encryption is easily accessible in the form of BlackBerry PGP encryption: an encryption provider will tailor a BlackBerry mobile device so that it’s highly secure and easy to use. The most secure way to accomplish this is to strip away non-email functions to prevent malware from infecting the device. Mobile devices are being compromised at never-before-seen rates; nearly 85 percent of global smartphones were infected with some type of malware in 2016.

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