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Deal Of The Day: 34% Off On The Vicod 5G Vaporizer


Combustion is so old school, you guys should really consider moving to vaporizers. Less harmful, more flavourful, and definitely more fun for a geek, a device like the The Vicod 5G Vaporizer will get you where you want to go in style.

One of the most compact and discreet true vaporizers available, the Vicod 5G Vaporizer is equipped with advanced temperature controls that range from 300?F – 435?F. Using a high drain 2200mAh Lithium Polymer battery, and an embedded ceramic heating chamber to produce pure and flavorful vapor, this technologically-advanced vaporizer will be a handy companion anywhere you go.

– Intelligent OLED screen displays current temperature & remaining battery life
– Compact design & sleek interface provide excellent versatility
– A range of temperature controls allow you to create the experience you want

Normally $129, it’s $84.95 after today’s deal, with free shipping as always.


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Wazer Is A Desktop Waterjet Cutter


You might know that water, with enough pressure can cut through just about anything. There are industrial water jet cutters that are used to make parts for a ton of household items, but of course these cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Well, it turns out that a device called Wazer can bring the same technology to your desktop for under $5k. It’ll cut through any material: metal, glass, stone, carbon fiber, ceramics, anything. It’ll do it with millimetre precision, with no heat warping, requiring no ventilation and producing a smooth surface finish. For anyone with a workshop and a penchant for DIY, Wazer is a game changer. A $4,499 pledge will get you one, but you’ll sadly have to wait until December of 2017 to get your hands on it.


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The Can Cannon Will Launch Your Suds Across A Football Field


You own an AR-15 or M16 rifle, but you’re getting tired of shooting real bullets at stuff? Yeah, a company called X Products hears you and in response, they’ve developed the Can Cannon. It’s a system designed to launch full, unopened aluminum beverage cans to an average distance of up to 105 yards. It uses blanks as propellant, and apparently will accommodate other similarly sized objects, like tennis balls. The company is even developing more products that will fit the Can Cannon, like a grappling hook or a net launcher. It’s a fun, non-lethal add-on to your rifle, and it’ll set you back $400.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ TheAwesomer ]

How to Stay Competitive in the IT Industry


Information technology has definitely become a boon, one that will have affected our world so greatly that the effects will last for decades to come. However, any company worth its salt in the IT industry knows that there is so much more that needs to be taken care of than just the coding and the product. There are many things that go into the internal workings of your company, so you have to make sure that you take care of every single one. In this post, we will be talking about a few of these things that tend to be overlooked, and what you can do to help yourself stay competitive in the industry.

Do Not Forget to Take Good Care of All of Your Employees
Though this may seem like a no-brainer, a lot of employers seem to forget that their companies depend on the work of their employees. It is true that you are giving them money for them to do their jobs, but your employees are people, too. They are not machines that you can just plug money into and hope that they carry out the tasks that they were supposed to do. They have dreams, needs, and emotions, too. Before you create yet another policy in the name of office productivity, think about whether or not your employees will feel motivated by your decision or if they will leave because of your callousness. The higher your turnover rate, the higher your costs will turn out to be, and the more hassle you will have to deal with just to replace your previous employees with people who were just as good as those who just left.

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Deal Of The Day: 66% Off On FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds


The FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds have a cool gimmick that turns them on when separated, but when clipped together through their magnetized body, they turn off. Aside from that, they’re water and sweat resistant, and look kind of cool. They’re also inexpensive!

The hit FRESHeBUDS earbuds are back and better than ever with the new Pro model. Even more water and sweat resistant to stand up to any outdoor activity, these new buds have enhanced battery life, and automatically pair to your phone when pulled apart so you don’t have to go through any setup. With a smoother fit and better sound quality as well, these are the earbuds of the future.

– Designed to be sweat & water resistant
– Features unrivaled sound quality for compact size
– Includes a battery that lasts for up to 10 hours of playtime
– Fully charges up in just 90 minutes
– Connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth as soon as you pull apart the earbuds
– Allows you to answer calls straight from the earbuds w/ a built-in microphone
– Designed to be comfortably lightweight & secure in your ears
– Turn off when placed together, turn on when pulled apart

Normally $119.95, after today’s deal they’re just $39.95. Shipped, as always, for free.


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Living Off Your Suitcase Has Never Been Easier


If you travel a lot, there’s a chance you’ve developed a system where you don’t ever fully unpack your suitcase, you just live off its contents until it’s time to go to your next destination. It might work, but does it work elegantly? Yeah, well with the ShelfPack, you won’t have to dig through your clothes to get to the one you want, unfolding and creasing everything else in the process. With this large (26″x18″x14″) suitcase, you just reach your destination, raise the supports, lift the shelves, and you’ve got yourself a dresser! All your stuff is nicely organized just like at home, and easily accessible. The ShelfPack weighs only 14lbs when empty, so it’s not like the shelving system adds much weight. It does, however, add a ton of convenience, and at $349, it’s a steal.


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USB Kill Stick Will Fry Any Computer In Seconds


We’re not sure why anyone would want to use this, other than for potentially illegal reasons; it’s being marketed as a “test of your system’s power surge protectors”, but let’s be real here… Still, it’s interesting to know it exists nonetheless. It’s called The USB Killer and its only purpose is to try and overwhelm any electric USB-connected system with repeated power surges.

The USB Kill collects power from the USB power lines (5V, 1 – 3A) until it reaches ~ -240V, upon which it discharges the stored voltage into the USB data lines.
This charge / discharge cycle is very rapid and happens multiple times per second.
The process of rapid discharging will continue while the device is plugged in, or the device can no longer discharge – that is, the circuit in the host machine is broken.

In testing, about 95% of devices succumbed to the USB Killer. It’s a powerful and destructive little dongle, and we don’t condone buying or using it. If you want one anyway, it’s 49,95 €, or roughly $56. Currently backordered, since the Intertubes seems to have made this go viral.

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Deal Of The Day 74% Off On SimpleTelly, Lifetime Subscription


Another day, another VPN deal. This time we bring you news of SimpleTelly, A Lifetime Subscription. It’s a nicely reviewed service that offers you a lot of what other VPNs are offering out there, but for an even lower price.

SimpleTelly is a smart DNS service that bypasses geo-restrictions to bring you the streaming content you want from anywhere in the world. It sneaks around geo-restrictions like a VPN, but it doesn’t slow down your connection when too many people are on a server. And, you can watch it at home on any device that connects to the Internet, like your Xbox360, smartphone or AppleTV. From the Netflix series you plan to binge on next weekend to a blacked out NFL game, never miss a beat with SimpleTelly for life.

– Stream your favorite sites like Netflix, Hulu, ABC, NBC, HBO, BBC, Pandora & more without the pesky ‘not available in your location’ message
– Enjoy 135 supported channels & counting
– Use on your laptop, consoles, smart TV, iPad, Android devices & more
– Bypass sporting event blackouts for football, basketball, hockey & WWE common in the US
– Don’t suffer through buffering; intercept only the content needed
– Binge watch all you want w/ unlimited streaming
– Watch your shows at your Internet speed & not at the slow speed of a server loaded w/ people
– Connect to secure, dedicated servers located in 36 countries
– Utilize with unlimited devices

Normally $150, the lifetime subscription is only $39 with today’s deal.

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Altered: Nozzle Is A Misting Faucet That Conserves 98% Of Your Water


Look, we’re a peoples that likes to waste. But it doesn’t have to be that way and efforts like the Altered: Nozzle are really good ways to move in the right direction. It’s a special faucet that allows you to save up to 98% of the water you would normally use. It does this by turning your regular flow into a fine mist; this should be enough to wash your hands and even rinse off some dishes. If you need a bigger flow for anything, like filling up a glass of water, you simply wise the nozzle and open up the floodgates. Mind you, even at the higher flow rate, you’ll still be saving around 75% of the water you’d normally use. It will be available in three different EU/US standard sizes: Regular, Junior and TomThumb, and allegedly installs in 30 seconds. Currently on Kickstarter, the Atered: Nozzle should be available in December of this year. It’s a kr324 (that’s 324 Swedish Krona, or about $38) pledge.


[ Project Page ] VIA [ OddityMall ]