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Nooka ZIZM Just Looks Good

By David Ponce

We’ve been big fans of Nooka for some time and have written about their products on several occasions. And while the watch as a timekeeping device may be a dying breed, we firmly believe it’s one of the few ornaments men can wear without wandering into metrosexual/douche territory. We happen to like the look of Nooka’s latest design, the ZIZM.

The ZIZM’s unique faceted crystal lens produces a refracted view of time on the ZenH display. This faceted surface creates a pattern that continues throughout the entire design of the timepiece including Nooka’s first silicone strap. The Zizm is sized by cutting the silicone strap to create the perfect fit for each wearer.

It’s $375 and the company is taking pre-orders now. It comes in black and blue and starts shipping October 24th. Hit the jump for two more pictures.

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Nooka Wants To Turn Their Watch Designs Into Wall Clocks But Needs Your Help

Nooka Wall Clocks (Images courtesy Nooka)
By Andrew Liszewski

Nooka has already carved a name for themselves with their line of uniquely designed watches featuring atypical LCD display layouts. And the company is now looking to expand that line by carrying over their watch designs into a series of wall clocks that will easily make your bank or school (who else still uses wall clocks?) the coolest in town.

The only catch is that developing the molds and various components for what will probably be a very limited run is pretty expensive. So the company has turned to CKIE in an attempt to raise funding for the endeavor. The clocks will sell for between $500 and $550 depending on the style, and contributions towards the project range from just $25 which gets your name included as part of the development team, up to $10,000 which gets you a special edition version of the clock and of course a whole bunch of other Nooka stuff. Their total goal is $40,000 worth of funding, though with just 27 days left they’re only at about 5% of the way there. So if you’d like to see it happen, head on over and make a commitment.

[ Nooka Wall Clock ] VIA [ Acquire ]

Nooka Yogurt By Karim Rashid

Nooka Yogurt (Image courtesy Nooka)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re a fan of watches you’re probably already familiar with Nooka. Like Tokyo Flash their designs tend to be very original and unique, though unlike Tokyo Flash you don’t need a masters degree in Cryptography to read the time.

Their latest creation is a collaboration with Karim Rashid called the Yogurt. I have no idea why it’s called the Yogurt though. What I do know is that it features a circular design made from flexible polyurethane with a matching round display that shows the hour with a series of segmented hexagons, and the minutes with a series of dashes that encircle the outer edge of the watch’s face. And it’s available in 6 different colors starting in early February for $130.

[ Nooka Yogurt ] VIA [ Acquire ]

Nooka Zaz With See-Through LCD Display

Nooka Zaz (Image courtesy Watchismo)
By Andrew Liszewski

Nooka seems to be heavily promoting the fact that their new Zaz watch allows your own skin tone to show through thanks to a transparent LCD display. But hopefully they’ll realize that the nifty design is more then enough to sell the timepiece, since I don’t think anyone, anywhere at anytime has lamented the fact they couldn’t see their skin through the watch they were wearing.

The time is displayed via your typical pseudo-confusing grid of blocks and a series of dashes, though it doesn’t actually appear to be that hard to decipher, and you’ll have your choice of a black or white leather or silver mesh band to complement the silver face. $380, available for pre-order now from Watchismo.

[ Watchismo – Nooka Zaz ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

Nooka Releases 3 Watches To Celebrate Spongebob’s 10th Anniversary

Nooka Spongebob Watches (Images courtesy Nooka)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s hard to believe that Spongebob is already 10 years old, but it’s even harder to believe the Spongebob brand has teamed up with Nooka to help commemorate his anniversary! That partnership has resulted in 3 different Spongebob-themed watches including the ‘SpongeBob ZenV Aluminum Spongenvader’, the ‘SpongeBob Zub ZenH 20 Spongelevator’ and the ‘SpongeBob Zot Aluminum SpongeBamo’. The watches seem to sport rather subtle designs (compared to other Spongebob merchandise) but according to the Nooka website there are distinct similarities between the designs and the cartoon character.

The linear nature of the graphics on all three watches represents a common geometric theme in both the SpongeBob character and Nooka’s design concept, while the bold colors of the watches are reflective of Nooka’s own color pallet and the official colors of the SpongeBob cartoon.

So if nautical nonsense be something you wish, you can buy all 3 watches from the Nooka website for $275, $175 and $250. (Left to right.)

[ SpongeBob ZenV Aluminum Spongenvader, Zub ZenH 20 Spongelevator & Zot Aluminum SpongeBamo ] VIA [ Josh Spear ]


NOOKA ZON (Images courtesy NOOKA & swissmiss)
By Andrew Liszewski

The new ZON watch from Nooka continues with the current trend of timepieces that are impossible to read at a glance. The pixel based LCD display works very similar to an hour glass, where each minute of the day is represented by a single block falling into place. A cool effect for sure, but even with the numbers printed along the edge of the display, it’s not so easy to instantly gauge the time. So thankfully the ZON’s designers included a traditional digital time display for those in a hurry, which can also be used to display the current hour in all 24 time zones.

The ZON comes with either a black or white leather strap or a mesh band, and even includes a spring bar tool and screwdriver so you can customize the strap’s position (left, center or right justified) all for just $650 on the Nooka website.

[ NOOKA ZON ] VIA [ swissmiss ]

OhGizmo Review: Nooka Zen-H

By David Ponce

Being able to tell the time like a regular person is very 20th century. Simply looking at your watch and instantly registering the hours and minutes is boring. At least that’s what you’d think considering the recent onslaught of stylish timepieces with cryptic displays, like the stuff from Tokyoflash.

Well, there’s another funky watchmaker in town (they’ve been around for a while, but you know). The name is Nooka, and they make a line of elegant, sophisticated and simply stunning watches. Their stuff is so cleanly designed and beautifully crafted that they’re being sold at the MoMA store. And just recently the company announced a set of new models, including the ZEN and ZOT series.

I received a ZEN-H for review a couple of weeks ago. They decided, for some reason, to send me a white model that, while quite striking, would unfortunately not see the light of day on my wrist. Fortunately for me, I’m still on good terms with my ex-girlfriend and I didn’t need to try too hard to convince her to wear it for a while.

The verdict? Well, if you’re a respectable gentleman (or gentlelady) turned off by the flashy, slightly PIMPy good looks of the Tokyoflash watches yet are still in the market for something different, something that will start conversations, then this is the watch for you. It doesn’t pack as much “oomph” as some others, but for the right crowd, (e.g. the geek chic CEO) this is a good thing. Come inside for all the details.

Out here, you get the link to Nookawatches.

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Ziiiro Celeste Is A Good Looking Watch

By David Ponce

We’re aware that watches as a time-telling device are pretty much finished. But they carry on as one of the few acceptable bits of male adornments left. We happen to have a soft spot for a few manufactures like Tokyoflash and Nooka. Well, you can add Ziiiro (with three “i”s) to that list. Their latest offering, the Celeste, tells the time elegantly by featuring rotating bands of colored, semi-transparent material. When different layers superpose, the colors change: gray and blue on the Mono models, and green and blue on the Colored models. You’ll get a better idea by watching the video below. They come in matte-finished stainless steel casings in chrome, gunmetal or black with matching bands. Available for pre-order now for €149 ($205), they’ll start shipping November 18.

ZIIIRO Celeste ( gunmetal / mono ) from ZIIIRO on Vimeo.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Engadget ]

A Little R & R

Few updates, spotty coverage, incoherent writeups… what’s going on at OhGizmo?! Well, y’all should know the team has been taking it easy the past couple of weeks, what with the Holidays and such. We kept something going on (we couldn’t just stop!), but it’s been sub-par and we’re aware.

Starting Monday, expect plenty. There’s the Tokyoflash contest to start voting on, and a bunch of reviews: a Nooka watch, a Picopad, Ultrasone iCans and a few other things. There might even be a device that sounds like a “Men Weeries Swell Snone From Wookia”. But that’s for the week after.

Anyway, all this to say, stay tuned.