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Art Lebedev’s Svintus Power Strip Pig Concept

Svintus Power Strip Pig Concept (Image courtesy Art Lebedev)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you like your gadget main dishes served cute with a heaping side of commentary, Art Lebedev’s latest concept design will certainly whet your appetite. Called the Svintus, it’s a novel take on the boring power strip that takes its inspiration from the farm’s most delicious animal. The design seems a bit localized though. While the spiral cord that plugs into the wall certainly looks like a pig’s tail, the repeated snouts, or snoutlets, that cover its body only work as a visual gag in a country that uses that specific plug format. Here in North America, most of the novelty would be lost.

Svintus Power Strip Pig Concept (Image courtesy Art Lebedev)

On the functional side of things the Svintus does provide a whopping seventeen outlets for charging the vast majority of your devices. And they even look like they’re adequately spaced to accommodate a good number of oversized wall warts. On a deeper level, though, I can’t help but feel the use of the pig is commentary on our ever increasing power needs… But I’m just not ready to feel guilty about it this early in the morning.

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Art Lebedev Says Round Is The New Square, Announces “Navigarius” GPS Concept Device


By David Ponce

We’ve been chronicling Russia’s Art Lebedev studios’ products for a long time. Ever since the Optimus Maximus keyboard, actually. Now we’re hearing about the Navigarius GPS concept. Its features are nothing out of the ordinary, it’s a GPS mapping device that attaches to your windshield like so many others, has touchscreen controls, USB, microSD, cigarette lighter adapter and a thin, detachable stand.

But it’s round.

Really, that’s its claim to fame and to be honest, we think it looks swell. If you’re going to be staring at this thing while trying hard not to get lost, it might as well look half decent. Of course, like many of Art Lebedev’s products, this is a concept that may or may not go into production. Pester them long enough and it might become reality, like with the Maximus Optimus. Just don’t expect it to be cheap.

Once again, keep reading for a few more pictures.

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Art Lebedev Makes Sounds Into Tape


By Evan Ackerman

There is of course no way to improve on tape after 3M came out with this nuclear grade stuff. But that’s not going to stop Art Lebedev from trying… This roll of authentic 3M packing tape comes with an equally authentic sound wave emblazoned upon it. What’s the sound wave a sound wave of? I have no idea, but I’m guessing it’s something like, “this tape costs three times as much because it’s got a sound wave on it.” And it does cost more, but not that much more… $5.77 for a 60 meter roll.

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Art Lebedev’s Matryoshkus Experiment With Design


By Ryan Nill

The Art Lebedev Studio (of Optimus Keyboard fame) once again shows us its unique take on design with this set of Babushka dolls. Called Matryoshkus, these linden-wood Russian nesting dolls remind us of the relationship between all the little bits that make up our digital age: byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte and terabyte figures all nestle into one another, with the indivisible bit in the middle. Sure, they don’t actually do anything at all. But they look pretty cool. And unlike their fabled keyboard, we actually believe these could become available as promised: September 1, 2007 for about 34$.

Couple more pictures and links after the jump.

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Real Or Fake?: A Levitating Computer Mouse


We would like to believe that the above picture is that of a real product. Not because we think there really is a benefit to having a levitating computer mouse, despite claims of it relieving stress that leads to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. But because, really… a levitating mouse?! The Bat, as it’s called, allegedly floats all by itself at 40mm when not in use, and comes back down to 10mm beneath the weight of your 1000g (~2.2-pound) hand. You use it as you would a regular mouse, and… yeah that’s it. It’s a project by Kibardin Design and it’s supposedly under testing at the moment. We’re not holding our breaths to ever see it on the market.

It reminds us of Art Lebedev’s fabled Optimus Maximus Keyboard, which took the world by storm in early 2005, only to later be pulled, prodded and kicked into a workable product, albeit at a ridiculous price and produced for a very limited time.

Hit the jump for one more pic.

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Space Invaders Playing Cards

Space Invaders Playing Cards (Image courtesy Art Lebedev)
By Andrew Liszewski

Dear Art Lebedev, your Optimus Maximus keyboard may be light years beyond what I’m willing to spend on a set of QWERTYs, but your Space Invaders themed playing cards are a different story. They’re a perfect pop-culture mashup, complete with 8-bit graphics of said invaders from space, and an awesomely pixelated font. At $11 a deck they’re not outrageously expensive either.

[ Space Invaders Playing Cards ] VIA [ The Awesomer ]

Traveler’s Phrasebook T-Shirt

Traveler’s Phrasebook T-Shirt (Images courtesy Art Lebedev)
By Andrew Liszewski

No one wants to be the stereotypical tourist when traveling, fumbling through phrasebooks in an attempt to find the right thing to say so you can find your way around. So here’s a rather simple and elegant solution to the language barrier, created by Art Lebedev, who’s ironically best known for thoroughly over-engineering the computer keyboard. All you have to do is get a local’s attention, point at what you’re looking for and then point to the question mark. (A confused shrug should work too.) It’s probably a good idea not to wear something over the tee though, as grabbing a stranger’s attention and then proceeding to undress in front of them may not be a graciously accepted custom the world over. Get it from Art Lebedev’s online store for ~$20.

[ Traveler’s Phrasebook T-Shirt ] VIA [ bookofjoe ]

Folderix Drives Look Like Brightly Colored Folders

By Luke Anderson

If you’re ever looking for a way to show off your individuality in the workplace, you could always redecorate your cubical in some sort of tropical theme. If you’re not that outgoing, there’s always the option of buying a fancy USB flash drive. These Folderix drives will definitely turn a head or two.

These sleek folder-themed drives come to us from the Art. Lebedev Studio, which is most noted for their extremely expensive (and awesome) Optimus Maximus keyboard. Sure, these drives aren’t as cool as a keyboard with tiny LCD screens, but they’re still not too hard on the eyes. They’re a bit pricey though, as a 4GB model will run you $55.

[ Art. Lebedev Studio ] VIA [ Dvice ]

Optimus Pultius, When Maximus Is Just Too Much

Optimus Pultius

By Evan Ackerman

If you have an ounce of sense and haven’t blown $1.5k on an Optimus Maximus keyboard, you can (eventually) satisfy your craving for bite-sized OLED buttons with the Optimus Pultius, a 15 key programmable OLED keyboard accessory and the latest promised offering from Art Lebedev. It’s functionally no different from the fullsize 113 OLED Maximus, using the same key hardware with the same configuration software and a USB port on the back. There’s no price announced yet, and the Pultius should be showing up by the end of this year.

It sort of seems like Art Lebedev is trying to milk their OLED keys for a little extra scratch, perhaps because the cost of the Optimus Maximus is so prohibitively high that I can’t imagine they’re flying off the shelves, despite the hype. But heck, what do I know… I do know that personally, if I want an OLED key fix, I’d just stick with the currently available and presumably cheaper Optimus Mini Three. Or better yet, some Siftables.

[ Art Lebedev ] VIA [ Optimus Livejournal ::cough:: ]