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HypnosEye, The Poor Man’s iPhone Projector


By David Ponce

While we’ve seen our fair share of projectors for the iPhone, all of them work by taking the device’s video feed, amplifying it and projecting it onto a surface. Not so for the HypnosEye. It simply uses a lens and a mirror to project images from your iPhone’s (or iPod touch, we suppose) screen directly to a projection screen. No amplification.

rather than use an ordinary mirror which would result in an unclear image, HypnosEye has implemented a special mirror with a reflection agent on top of the glass surface (rather than behind). As a result, you can show media from your portable device almost anywhere at anytime.

For the full specs, price and a video, keep reading.

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Monolith iPhone Case Packs A Projector

By David Ponce

The situations in which we’d find ourselves needing to project images from our iPhones onto some surface are few and far between. Still, we’re not all created equal and we can imagine there are those who would indeed enjoy the ability to do just that. For those people, the Monolith case by Century gives you the ability to project images in 640×360 resolution, with a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 12 lumens of brightness. The largest projection size recommended is 60 inches (not 60cm as others have stated, unless the info in the promotional video is incorrect), although at 12 lumens, you better be in a dark environment. The Monolith also does double duty as an external battery pack, raising your phone’s life by an estimated 50%. It will require 4 hours to fully charge although it shouldn’t impact your phone’s charge time.

Sadly again, it’s Japan only at the moment and costs around $260.

Hit the jump for a couple more pictures and a video with totally not annoying music. At all.

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Nikon’s New Coolpix S1200pj Projector Equipped P&S Also Works With Your iPhone

Nikon Coolpix S1200pj Projector Phone (Image courtesy Nikon)
By Andrew Liszewski

During my brief, but enjoyable, vacation last week, Nikon unloaded a bunch of new digital cameras on the market, including the Coolpix S1200pj which caught my pico projector loving eye. The S1200pj is actually Nikon’s third projector-equipped compact P&S camera, but improves on the previous models with a 40% increase in brightness (an impressive 20 lumens) and three times the contrast. Facilitating a projected image up to 60 inches in size, in ideal conditions of course. It’s also competently capable as a P&S with a 14.1MP sensor, 5X optical zoom with lens-shift stabilization, ISO settings up to 6400 and a 3-inch HVGA display on the back.

But sharing movies and videos of your mundane daily activities with friends and family is going to wear on them at some point, so Nikon has also made the S1200pj iOS friendly. Using an included cable you can connect your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to the camera, letting you project content from any of those devices. And making the S1200pj a far more valuable companion for those who travel a lot. Available sometime in September for $429.95 in black and hot pink metal finishes.

[ Nikon Coolpix S1200pj ]

HypnosEye Adds Projector Functionality To Your iPhone… Kinda

HypnosEye Projector and Screen Set (Images courtesy Japan Trend Shop)
By Andrew Liszewski

Jealous of all those new-fangled cellphones that come with built-in projectors these days? Well the HypnosEye will level the playing field. It seems to work like an overhead projector, using a mirror and lens to magnify and project the display from your cellphone onto a wall, ceiling or other surface. There’s no light source of its own, so you’ll need to set the brightness on your phone’s display as high as it can go for best results, which also means it will probably work better with devices with large LCDs like the iPhone, iPod Touch, Zune etc. Unfortunately though the $117 price tag from the Japan Trend Shop pushes this well out of the novelty purchase price range, particularly when the results as seen in the video I’ve included after the jump aren’t great.

[ HypnosEye Projector and Screen Set ]

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Mili Pro Is A Pocket Projector For Your iPhone


By Chris Scott Barr

iPhones and iPods can be great for watching videos, but only if a single person is trying to view them. However, if you’re wanting to show something to a group of people, you’re not going to want them to crowd around your tiny screen are you? Well later this year you’ll be able to pull out a small accessory that will make your videos large enough to be viewed by all.

The Mili Pro LED projector is a cool little dock for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Just slide your iPhone into place and it will project an image roughly equivalent to a 40-inch TV. The picture will be displayed at 640 x 480, which isn’t going blow your mind with its clarity, but it will get the job done. Having something this small that hooks up to your iPhone/iPod Touch (or any other device using VGA or RGA connectors) would certainly be appealing for the business types giving presentations, or anyone else just wanting to show off video on a bigger scale. Look for this in September for around $300.

[ PhoneSuit ] VIA [ Dvice ]

QingBar MP101 Mini Projector Dock For iPhone & iPod Touch

QingBar MP101 (Images courtesy Honlai Technology Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

While the iPhone and iPod Touch are pretty good for watching movies by yourself, what about those times when you want to share? Having a group of people huddled around that relatively small screen can be pretty awkward, so this mini projector dock from Honlai Technology seems like a good alternative, at first glance at least. While it’s quite a bit larger than the official iPhone/iPod Touch USB dock, when compared to other video projectors it’s downright tiny. But that compact size does cost you when it comes to image quality.

While the 640×480 image resolution is understandable, the ANSI brightness rating is a less-than-stellar 10-15 lumens, and you’re looking at a contrast ratio of just 200:1. So while it’s able to project an image that’s roughly 15 to 27 inches in size, don’t expect a similar visual experience as you get from your local digitally-equipped movie theater. The dock also features a mini AV jack allowing you to connect other devices as well as a set of 2W speakers for stereo sound. Unfortunately I have no idea if this thing is currently available, when it might be available, or what it will cost.

[ QingBar MP101 Mini Projector Dock ] VIA [ GadgetGrid ]

Projector Cell Phone Isn’t An iPhone

Cell Phone Projector

By Evan Ackerman

It won’t surprise you to learn that this cell phone that looks like an iPhone but isn’t comes straight from China. It may surprise you that this cell phone has a little projector stuffed into it. This certainly isn’t the first tiny projector we’ve seen, and it’s not even the first portable device to incorporate one, but it does seem to be the first cell phone to use the technology (not Motorola, who my money was on).

Admittedly, the design (by ChinaKing) doesn’t appear to be especially refined. The projector looks to be rather unceremoniously kludged onto the end of the phone, making it perhaps half again as long as a projector-less model might be. The projector itself is LED backlit, and can supposedly project a 30″ 640×480 image for two hours. I don’t think I believe it, and it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see one of these anywhere within reach of Apple’s litigation department in any case.

VIA [ Engadget ]

The iCODIS CB-100W, A Tiny Projector For Your Tiny Videos


You took a bunch of videos at the beach, and now you want to show them to all your friends. You could all cramp around your iPhone and watch it on a 5 inch screen. Or, you could carry around the iCODIS CB-100W projector and show them on a glorious 120 inch screen. Glorious might be a bit of an exaggeration, considering you’re only projecting at a 640×480(VGA) resolution, but considering the thing is 1.7″ on each side, you’ll have to accept the compromises. That said, the tiny pocket-friendly projector does output a respectable 80 lumens, which is bright enough for a dimly lit room.

– DLP display
– 120″ projection max
– 640 x 480 native resolution
– 1800mAh battery capable of 1-1/2 hours of play time per charge
– Dual speakers
– 110-gram weight. So you can hang both it and your Minnie Mouse keychain from your designer seafoam handbag without stressing its seams.
– Wi-Fi connectivity to iPhone or Android (with or without Internet internet connection)

It’s tiny, lightweight, and does its intended job well. Amazon reviews are glowing, and at $249, we think is fairly priced.


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Epson Megaplex MG-850HD Projector Is iDevice Ready

Epson Megaplex MG-850HD Projector (Images courtesy Epson)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s one thing to say your hardware is iOS compatible, but it’s another thing to actually make hooking them up easy to do. So while the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can technically be used with a lot of projectors as long as you have the right cabling, Epson has made it dead-easy by including a pop-out dock on their new Megaplex MG-850HD model. Using 3LCD technology it projects a 720P image with 2800 lumens of brightness, more than adequate for home or office use. It’s also got a pair of 10-watt speakers, with a mic input if you’re making a presentation to a large room. Plus all the video hookups you’ll need for modern gear and laptops including HDMI.

Projecting content from your iDevice is as easy as sticking it in the MG-850HD’s pop-out dock, where it will also charge while connected. But it’s just as easy for other devices as well. You can of course connect your laptop using a VGA hookup, but USB is supported as well. That is, as long as you’re sticking with slideshows and PowerPoint presentations. You can even skip the laptop and run a slide show off of a USB flash drive, since I’m assuming the projector can natively read and display PP files. All-in-all it looks like a pretty great solution for work or home use, and will be available sometime in September for a reasonable $799.

[ Epson Megaplex MG-850HD Projector ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]