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Monthly Archives: February 2018

How the Internet Will Become More Personalized in 2018

Once upon a time, the internet was the same no matter where you lived or your personal circumstances. In recent years, however, the means to personalize and tailored websites to different users has increased exponentially. Today, we’re on the edge of a huge shift in the way we experience the internet. From geo-targeting to micro-advertising, new technologies spell the end of the internet as we know it. Whether good or ill, we’ll explore of few the features of this new online experience below.

Geo-targeting, in particular, has taken off in a big way in the last few years. Using the information that’s freely available through your browser, companies can serve up different content depending on your country, IP address, and even city. This technology has been in place for some time and can be seen in action on any one of a number of streaming sites, such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, or Hulu, which restrict content on the basis of digital rights management. The next step in the development of this technology will be its use as a means of personalizing the online user experience and micro-targeting adverts.

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The Business Value of An API

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What Is An API?
The concept of SaaS applications Is no longer new or novel, and it dominates the marketplace. The explosion of SaaS applications has had impacts on the business world and has sparked the growth of other software innovation that goes along with these applications.

One area of focus is on APIs. APIs dictate the quality of the internet experience, and it has significant importance and relevance for many businesses right now.

API stands for application program interface. An API allows developers to access another party’s application or platform.
There are different types of APIs. These include public APIs which can be used by developers to build on their platforms, as well as private APIs. These are used internally by businesses. If a company has several software products, the purpose of an API is to allow that software to communicate with one another.

Social media networks are among the most well-known and high-profile users of APIs. Social media APIs can access particular elements of these social sites without actually duplicating their functionalities.
So what does all this mean for businesses? What do businesses need to know about the value of APIs?

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What is a VPN and Why You Should Be Using One

It seems that a day doesn’t go by without some news being released about a cyber attack or breaches of online privacy.
It’s a major concern for many people and if you’re not yet using a VPN, otherwise known as a virtual private network, hopefully this short article will give you the background you need to know how using a VPN could benefit you.

A VPN encrypts your online activity
The technology is simply specialist software that encrypts your online activity, including your traffic and IP address. By doing this, your actions remain private, whether it’s your email, your browsing history or your location.
When you access the internet, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can see everything you do online. Many track your activity and sell your behaviour patterns to third parties who use this information to market their own products.

By using a VPN service, your activity is automatically re-directed through a VPN server, which applies the software and encrypts all your actions. The only thing that your ISP will know is that you are using a VPN service. This means that nobody can steal your precious files and communications, nor can they monitor your browsing routines.

Ensure you use a VPN with multiple security protocols

At this point, you may be wondering how secure VPNs are and so this is where details become technical. By using a service with multiple security protocols such as NovaVPN service, you can be sure that AES-256 standards are being met together with DNS leak protection facilities.

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The Deep Freeze Makes Chilling 6 Beverages A Breeze

You know what’s worse than going for a soda and realizing it’s warm? Probably a lot of things, but offering warm cans of soda should be considered a class 2 social felony. Well, now you can cross having warm soda off your list this summer with the Deep Freeze.

It’s an ice mold that makes a single large block of ice with spaces that perfectly fit 6 cans, allowing them to quickly cool down. The cans are recessed into the ice block allowing it to make much more contact with the ice. The ice tray itself can even be used as a stand so you don’t wind up with a puddle of water on your picnic table.

For $25, it’s not a bad deal for something that makes cooling and presenting cans easier at your next BBQ. Or, you know, you could just buy a $3 bag of ice, dealer’s choice.

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I Hate Everything About This Pimple-Popping Toy

Ok, so toys that you can mindlessly play with have become incredibly popular over the past year (e.g. fidget spinners), but that doesn’t mean every two-bit idea has to become a disturbing reality. Enter the Pop It Pal. It’s a silicone bar-of-soap shaped atrocity which you squeeze to replicate the feeling of popping a zit.

I hate everything about this thing; I hate the idea, I hate the images and numerous GIF’s of it in action, I even hate the creator just for good measure. It’s an unholy creation that serves only a testament to man’s hubris. Besides, if I wanted to relive the countless hours standing in-front of the mirror squeezing my face as a teen, I’d just start eating greasy food again. At least it’s more appetizing.

Each Pop It Pal kit will set you back $20, and if I catch wind that any of you bought one, I’m calling your mom’s.

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Wood You Care For A Wooden Turntable?

This is the Barky Turntable, it’s not your ordinary turntable as this one is made from a solid ash round. That’ll show the boys down at the YMCA that you have tons of class.

Each turntable features high-quality (and pricey) components that individually cost more than turntable, such as  a high-quality tonearm, cartridge and even power supply. Seems like a pretty fun way to play your favorite songs like Norwegian Wood, Out of the Woods, Rocking Around The Christmas Tree, and other non-tree based songs I suppose.

Now, being of a high-quality nature, the turntable will set you back $2,500, but if that’s a little high for your budget there’s also a version made out of concrete for $1,600. Rock on.

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Papers, Please Has Now Been Turned Into A Short Film

Papers, Please is a hit indie game that turns players into border checkpoint inspectors for the faraway land of Arstotzka, the fictional country based on the Soviet Union. It’s a surprisingly fun game with themes surrounding the enforcement of cold, bureaucratic police states.

Well now, there’s a short-film based on the game. At 10 minutes, it’s rather short, but include all of the major details and emotions of the actual game. I don’t want to spoil anything more, so just check it out.

Hit the jump for the video and be sure to turn on English subtitles.

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Harber London Mens Leather Weekender Bag

Go exploring in style while keeping your kit in order with the Harber London Mens Leather Weekender Bag. Made from veg-Go exploring in style while keeping your kit in order with the Harber London Mens Leather Weekender Bag. Made from veg-tanned cowhide leather and German microsuede, this bag screams luxury. Every perfect stitch is plain to see, thanks to the work of some expert craftsmen in Spain. But this bag isn’t just a work of art — it’s practical, too.

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Watch: Bill Gates Hilariously Guess Prices Of Grocery Store Items

Bill Gates is a pretty wealthy dude, last time I checked people are still using Microsoft after all. And all that money kind of clouds one’s ability to understand money.

Well here’s Bill Gates on Ellen trying to guess the prices of 5 common grocery store items. Spoiler alert: the billionaire doesn’t quite know the price of rice.

Hit the jump for the video.

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