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The Toy Tractor Repair Set Is Perfect For The Aspiring Little Grease-Monkey

The Tractor Lover’s Engine Repair Set is perfect for the budding young mind that’s interested in how cars are fixed. Granted, no one ever got me a toy engine repair set, and I have to pay over $50 just to get my headlight fluid refilled, but I’m not bitter.

Now you can teach your kids the fun and satisfying feeling of doing your own auto repairs, with 12 different repairs from checking the oil to replacing the air filter, changing tires, and even removing the motor. Once the job is done your kid can even turn the ignition to hear the satisfying sound of an engine, of course I get that feeling too after I hand over $1,000 to fix a leaking water pump.

The whole thing will set you back $140, but do the right thing. Buy it for your child, and maybe, just maybe, they won’t be at the mercy of a greasy mechanic everytime the Check Engine light comes on (I call it the ‘goodbye money’ light).