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Lavolta iMac Carrying Case Looks Sturdy/Ridiculous

There’s two types of computer users; those who like the portability and flexibility of having a laptop to easily carry to a coffee shop, and those who carry around their full desktop and monitor wherever they go, and don’t mind being made fun of on the internet.

Thankfully, if you’re are a faithful iMac user, you can now get your hands on a iMac carrying case made by Lavolta. I mean, it’s not really a case because the aluminum stand sticks out making it super obvious you’re carrying around a 15lb desktop computer. Of course, you could always just get a laptop.

While it also has a couple of pockets to carry around a few necessary accessories, just remember you need to carry a keyboard, mouse and power cable everywhere you go. Of course, you could always just get a laptop.

I will say that for anyone who really really wants to bring their iMac with them, it does look like a very sturdy carrying case with thick handles, sturdy rivets and reinforced corners. But of course, you could always just get a laptop.

Available for $73, not a bad price, but well, you know.

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