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Guy Who Threw Away Infamous Bitcoin Hard Drive Wants To Dig It Up

Pic related: It’s a landfill

James Howells is a furious man, but to be fair, he probably has every right to be. He is the unlucky guy who threw away his hard drive loaded with thousands of bitcoins well before anyone cared about the cryptocurrency.  No big deal, right? Well, if he had keep that hard drive he’d have about $80 million in Bitcoins, oops.

Well, after being a laughing stock and a tale of caution when the cost of a Bitcoin surged over $1,000, he’s decided to fight back and start digging though the landfill where he suspects it wound up to try and find it. Keep in mind, there’s no way he can know where exactly it might have wound up, or if the hard drive is even functional anymore.

Sounds silly, but can you really blame the guy? He could be sitting on an $80 million fortune, but tossed it out. This reminds me of the week-old leftover pizza I threw away a couple of days ago. Everytime, I think about what I gave up, I punch a hole in my wall. Maybe he’s onto something.

All I have to say is good luck and godspeed, Oscar the Grouch.

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