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Columbia Releasing Limited Edition Star Wars Jackets From Hoth Scene

Just in time for winter, Columbia is releasing some of the coolest winter jackets known to mankind. The company is releasing 3 limited-edition jackets based on those worn in the Hoth scene in The Empire Strikes Back.

The three jackets include Luke Skywalker’s white and brown vest/jacket combination, which he wore while riding a tauntaun; Leia’s white and cream vest/jacket combination; and Han’s long blue parka. I’m quite partial to Luke’s white and brown combo myself. All three also include the symbol of the Rebellion, so people will know you stand with the good guys.

All three are also super limited with only 1980 copies of each being made. Think that’s not too low? This is Star Wars we’re talking about, every nerd on galactic cluster loves Star Wars.

They go sale staring December 12th, but will probably cost an arm and a leg at around $400 a piece. Zoinks, even meeting Darth Vader only cost Luke an arm.

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