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Shocktato Game Looks Like A Fun Way To Lose Friends

Just in case you thought you had too many friends, why not buy a hot potato game that shocks the loser? If you’ve never played the game Hot Potato, which I’m convinced no one ever has, the rules are stupid simple, you pass around the potato until the music stops and who ever is holding it loses. Sounds like a riveting game right?

Well, now you can spice it up with Shocktato, a modern version of the game that shocks the loser. There are 3 modes to choose from including Lame Mode: only music, no shocking; Normal Mode: when the music stops, it shocks; and Extreme Mode: no music, just shocks.

I don’t about any of you, but I don’t go for things that shock. One time I touched a door handle and got a little zap, next thing you know, I’m ripping up the carpets (hey, bare concrete is in these days anyway).

But at $24, it could provide a little fun until someone like me gets a zap and breaks it with a hammer.

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