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Rumor: Apple May Be Working On An Even Cheaper iPad for 2018

Earlier this year, Apple released their latest iPad at a very reduced cost of $329. While it is a basic model when compared to the likes of the Pro version with its more powerful processor, larger screen, support for Apple Pencil and clip-on keyboards, the 2017 iPad (as it’s called) is a great option for people who want the Apple iPad experience without breaking the bank of getting the pro version.

Well, now there seems to be some rumors that Apple will be releasing an even more affordable iPad in 2018.

DigiTimes is reporting an updated iPad for 2018 may start as low as $259, which is a $70 drop from the current model. The track record of the rumor sources vary, but it makes sense that Apple would want to lower the introduction cost, especially when it means getting iPad into more classrooms.

Check it the source for yourself, but if I were a betting man, I’d say we might be getting a $259 iPad next year.

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