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New Jersey Mall Creates Amazing Display Based On “A Christmas Story”

There really is no holiday movie that’s better than A Christmas Story (yes, I’m including the Star Wars Holiday Special), nothing resonates more for a kid than the idea of asking for gift that you know you can’t get, the sacredness of a double dog dare, and the days leading up to the single best day of the year. Well, one New Jersey mall finally got the memo and based a Christmas display on the movie itself.

The display features such memorable moments from the film such as the Parker’s living room, the “fragile” marked box, the leg lamp, and even a spiral slide for the young ones to get kicked down from. The whole thing looks so cool, even I want to go and sit on Santa’s lap, despite my reasonable fear of New Jersey.

If you’re in the Cherry Hill area, check it out. But for everyone else, we can always just watch the movie 3 or 4 more times when it’s on loop for Christmas.

Hit the jump for a short video tour by Instagrammer @sexyarmpit .

Instagram ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]