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Music apps beyond music – The most popular apps that take your listening experience to a whole new level

Music means something different to each and every one of us. However, most can find a common denominator when speaking about music, in that it’s an important part of their life and it makes up for a solid portion of their pastime or hobby time. However, many will go above and beyond to turn music into something more. For them just listening to music isn’t enough, as they need to enhance their listening experience in a number of ways. Today’s technology has made it possible for those who love music beyond a mere listening session to take things to a new level. Here are the most important apps in every music lover’s arsenal:


This Chrome plugin also comes as a standalone app, and it does the job just as well as it does in Google’s browser. The app has the very appealing feature of displaying the lyrics to any song directly on your screen. Now, you can see the entirety of a song’s lyrics as the song plays out, eliminating any doubt about what the artist had said in each line. Use it to understand the song better or turn your phone into a karaoke machine, the choice is yours.

This might surprise some people but yes, YouTube is on the list as well. Many might have not realized but YouTube has turned into a very important part of today’s musical culture. It has taken over from platforms like MTV, as in artists now resort to YouTube to promote their music. In combination with a youtube to mp3 converter, you can even download music to your computer or device, making it easy to get a hold of your favorite songs. An example of such a converter is, which only needs you to give them the link to the video you want converted and click a button in order to receive the MP3 version.

Music lovers know a lot about music, and consequentially a lot of music as well. However they don’t know everything, so when a new song comes along, the hunger for knowledge grows insatiably. Who is that artist? How old is that song? These are questions that can be instantly answered with Shazam, a service that lets you scan a song as it’s playing. The app will recognize the audio and give you the name of the artist, song, and even album. All it needs is a few seconds of unhindered scanning in order to properly capture the song audio.

Sometimes knowing about a lot of songs and artists isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need to know about what your friends are listening to as well. For some it’s a way of satisfying their curiosity while for others it’s a valuable means of learning about new artists and discovering new bands, albums or even genres. If you value your friends’ appreciation for music, Last.FM is a great tool to have. It’s like the Facebook of music, where all the songs you listen to are recorded so anyone checking out your profile will know how many times you’ve listened to a specific song, or who are your top artists.