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You Can Now Buy A Highly Detailed Replica Of The Seinfeld Apartment

Remember Seinfeld? Episodes like The Puffy Shirt, Soup Nazi, The Contest made it one of the best and most memorable sitcoms of all-time. Well, now you can complete your Seinfeld collection with a highly detailed model of Jerry’s apartment.

Modeled exactly as it appears in the show, it includes things like Jerry’s bike, bookcases and framed pictures, even going as detailed to include the cereal boxes seen on the show. Sadly, there’s no Superman statues or comics anywhere, which were a staple of each episode.

It’s a terrific looking set for anyone who’s convinced that no other show will have the same level of intelligent humor as Seinfeld. Personally, I think Rick and Morty and The Big Bang Theory are actually the most intelligent comedies. Though to be fair, I have a very high IQ, which you need to fully comprehend such modern masterpieces.

The set will normally set you back $500, but it’s on sale for Festivus (The holiday for the rest of us!) and right now it’s only $400.

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