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Some Monsters Remade ‘Desert Bus’ Into An All-New VR Experience

Roughly 22 years after Penn and Teller released their infamous game ‘Desert Bus’ as part of Penn & Teller: Smoke & Mirrors, there is now a VR remake of the game.

Desert Bus is notorious within the gaming community. Originally released on the Sega CD, the premise is that you’re driving a bus (in the desert) to a Penn and Teller show. The game takes place in real time and you drive on a barren desert highway with no way to take a break or pause, and every time you finish your 8-hour drive, you’re awarded one point.

It’s considered by some as one of the worst games of all time.

Well now, after Developer Dinosaur Entertainment was given access to the “franchise”, they turned it into a completely free VR experience. Penn Jillette actually appears in this new version via narration, where he describes the original game, and this version even includes multiplayer for some ungodly reason. It’s called Online Game Invasion and allows you to ride on a stranger’s ‘bus’ as they play the game themselves. Sounds riveting.

The game is available now for free, and you actually don’t need a VR headset to play. I’m not going to download it because I only have 2.5 TB left of hard drive space, but you can certainly download it and let me if it’s everything you ever wanted in a video game.

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