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JIM Is A Smart Decanter That Can Pour You A Drink/Make Snarky Remarks

In the spirit of making everything in your house “smart”, here’s a Jim Bean whisky decanter that can actually pour you a drink on command.

Okay, so it seems like the decanter itself is a bit of a gag gift. It does pseudo-commands a la Amazon’s Alexa, but it gives snarky responses to questions like “Hey Jim, what’s the weather like?” (Hey, that’s my job). Despite the silliness, it is a real product and it can really pour you a shot of whisky on command.

It’s priced at $35, though the company says the “smart” features will cease after about 6 months. Still, not a bad gift for a fan of the whiskey.

Hit the jump for a product video showing off the snarkiness of thing.