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Vintage Star Wars Displays Include On Screen Props and Sections Of Original 35mm Film

Just in case you needed more Star Wars stuff in your house, than boy do I something cool to show you. These are Vintage Star Wars Displays and they’re the ultimate memorabilia kit for the ultimate fan.

Each set is enclosed within a glass display and features really cool things from the original trilogy, such as small pieces from on screen props, 35mm film from the original theatrical era, original 1977 Kenner action figure, original Topps trading cards and more. Each set is also themed, so there are Luke Skywalker sets, Princess Leia sets; even sets from particular scenes like the Cantina Scene and the early scene with R2 and C3PO on Tatooine.

The displays all look really well designed and would look great in any Star Wars nerd’s fan’s collection. Though, each set will set you back around $600-800, which was practically the budget of the first movie.

Faraway Vintage ]

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