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SodaStream’s New Mix Turns Water Into Wine

10Ah the SodaStream, I remember getting one for Christmas a few years back. It really is awful, isn’t it? It’s just one of those kitchen gadgets that no one really needs and gets tossed in the back pantry for years. I mean, soda isn’t particularly expensive in the first place, so what’s the benefit to making your own?

Anyway, the company is making a little splash once again as they’re introducing their latest concentrated mix, one that gives you a strong 10 percent alcohol by volume Champagne. Wow, that sounds just awful. It’s like a punchline to a joke that someone took seriously. “Hey, what’s worse than carbonating your own soda? Carbonating your own Champagne!”

I am in an extra insulting mood today aren’t I? I mean, I guess if you like the SodaStream than maybe adding a little Champagne isn’t that bad, it just isn’t for me (obviously).

The Sparkling Gold SodaStream mix is available now, but only for a limited time.

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