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Android Oreo Addresses Cheeseburger Emoji Situation

A few weeks ago, we wrote a story about Google dropping everything to address the issue with their cheeseburger emoji. If you need a re-fresher, they had the cheese under the patty. Well they promised to fix the issue and they followed through.

In Android 8.1 “Oreo”, they updated the emoji to reflect how actual human beings eat food, and the cheese is properly on top of the bun. Finally, I can go to bed again without having to cry myself to sleep over the whole situation.

But wait there’s more, Google also fixed another emoji that previously flew under my radar. The beer glass emojis now show full glasses of the frothy goodness.

I still expect a full investigation into the emoji situation, and how someone could’ve designed such a cheeseburger. But for now, I think the forgiving process can begin.

Gizmodo ]