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Woman Buys iPhone 6 For $100, Gets A Box Of Potatoes Instead

If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That’s the lesson one Milwaukee woman learned the hard way as she bought an iPhone 6 off some guy who was driving around offering ‘Black Friday’ deals for the low low price of $100. Now, how could you resist that price?

She describes that he gave her the iPhone to inspect and make sure it was in good condition, but after she accepted he turned around to put the iPhone in its box ‘pulling the ol’ bait and switch’, and when she got home she opened the box to find out it was just an iPhone box stuffed with cut-up potatoes.

What’s worse, that they weren’t even fresh potatoes, so it’s not like she could’ve used them for a meal later on.

There’s even a video of her describing what happened with a great reveal. Censored naughty language ahead!