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Study Estimates Pokémon Go Caused Around 100,000 Traffic Accidents

While the fad of catching invisible monsters in an AR-experience known as Pokémon Go, has mostly faded away, the destruction caused by it’s fun graphics and colorful Pikachus is of horrific proportions as two Perdue University professors estimate the game is responsible for causing around 100,000 traffic accidents.

They analyzed data of traffic accidents around the time of the game’s releases and estimate that within 100 meters of a Pokéstop, the likelihood of an accident occurring was about 27% higher. Even crazier is that, as the game’s popularity started dropping, the increase in the number of accidents dropped at almost the same rate.

The research is trying to show the effects of distracted driving, rather than villainizing Pokémon Go itself. But one thing’s for sure, that simple game has left a lasting impact, one that I hope the mechanic can pop back out without too much body work.

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