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Death Star Disco Ball Is Perfect For Your Next Sci-Fi Rave

Just in case you thought your Star Wars themed costume party could be a little bit nerdier, you can now a Death Star Disco Ball. I mean, technically the Death Star was built in the 1977, so it’s not that out of place. The spinning moon weapon of death, comes in at 16 inches in diameter and features over 200 square mirrors, probably. I didn’t count them all, so don’t take my word for it.

Now you can have you favorite planet destroying starship as the focal point of your next get together. Just be careful, I hear there’s one spot the Disco Ball that’s extra fragile and if it gets touched, it’ll cause the entire thing to explode. Death Star vulnerability joke – check.

It’s available now for $50 from ThinkGeek, and comes with a hanging hook and instructions. Though, I’m not sure what the instructions could possibly say.

Hang disco ball, dance all night long, get a little too drunk, make-out with Jar-Jar piñata, puke in the bowl of Yoda Soda, throw disco ball away.

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