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Substitute Phone Simulates Scrolling And Zooming For Tech Junkies

Just in case you’re tired of being a slave to your smartphone, the Substitute Phone is a way to ween you off the tech. It’s a slab of plastic, much like the NoPhone, only this one has a little extra to keep you busy.

Each plastic slab has a set of stone beads that are embedded into the face that can move freely. This allows people to still simulate the sensations of using a real phone like scrolling on webpages, zooming in on pictures, or sending drunk text messages. The multiple designs also allow for different arrangements of the stone beads.

Unfortunately for anyone looking to break the Instagram addiction with one of these is out of luck, as it seems they aren’t planned to go on sale as its designer, Klemens Schillinger, made them as part of #Offline – an event that’s part of Vienna’s Design Week.

Oh well, I guess spending four and half hours a day updating my Instagram feed isn’t that big of a deal.