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Hot Toys Made A Crazy Detailed Replica Of The Burnt Darth Vader Helmet

Kylo Ren really is the ultimate collector when you think about it. Sure, you may have a replica Luke Skywalker Lightsaber hilt, but he has the original burnt helmet of his disgraced grandfather. And that wasn’t easy to get either, he had to travel to Endor and search through mounds of bonfire ash until he found it.

Well, if you ever wanted the new prop for your collection Hot Toys has got you covered. They revealed their own highly detailed burnt Vader mask as part of showcase in Japan as promotion of The Last Jedi.

For now, the mask is unavailable for sale to the public. Which is kind of a bummer, but I suppose you could always buy a Darth Vader mask from Toys R Us and burn it in your fireplace. Ah, nothing beats the smell of redemption and charred plastic.

Gizmodo ]