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You Can Now Buy A $100,000 Jewel Encrusted Video Doorbell

As today is Black Friday, there are plenty of great deals to save plenty of cash on holiday shopping (if you like dealing with crowds), but in honor of everyone’s favorite money-saving day, here is a video doorbell that probably isn’t a sound financial decision.

Based on the Ring Video Doorbell Elite, this version comes blinged out with 2,077 sapphires and 40 diamonds all set into an 18-karat gold faceplate. The creation, made by Bijan Jewelry, comes with all the great features of the normally $500 original, like night vision and a sharp HD picture, but this one is shinier.

Now, out of all the things to get encrusted with jewels, why on Earth would you want your doorbell to get the treatment? People can just walk up and pry a few diamonds off everytime they need to make a car payment. Sure, they’ll be captured on video through the device, but what about when someone just rips the whole unit off? What about that, smart-guy?

Anyway, like I said, it’s $100,000 (sarcastic joke about it being cheap) and only ten are being made (sarcastic joke saying about how you better act fast).

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