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The Double-Hand Glove Should Make Life Significantly Easier

Have you ever wondered what life would be like as Goro from Street Fighter? Wouldn’t life be much easier with 4 arms? Well, cut that dream in half and say hello to a glove that gives you 50% extra hands.

Made by Federico Ciccarese and his company, Youbionic, the Double-Hand Glove is a glove with 2 robotic hands that can be controlled with 2 fingers each.

Can you imagine what you can do with an extra hand? Clapping would be 50% more efficient, waving hello to your neighbor would be 50% more effective, writing tech articles would be 50% faster. The possibilities are infinite (I just have a very finite imagination).

You can buy the Double-Hand Glove right now for around $2,100. Now, there is only limited on/off input, so you can either have the hands open or closed. Personally I’ll just stick to my favorite method right now, tapping two plastic claw hands to forearm and then taping bottles of beer to each one for extra drinking capabilities.

Youbionic ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]