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Pack It Up, They Win: Family Puts Up Incredible Millennium Falcon Holiday Decoration

Sick of the same old Santa Claus roof display? Why not be a little more like Colby Powell and his family. They decided to switch it up and put up the ultimate Christmas decoration for the ultimate Christmas movie, Star Wars.

The 29 foot long creation is an incredible piece made out of lumber, lots of PVC pipe, and an old parachute that brings the star ship to life-size reality (not even close to life-size). The whole creation ended up weighing around 700 pounds, which ended up requiring the family to rent a crane to get it on the roof.

Make Magazine has all the details of the decoration’s construction and it’s very impressive. Of course, you’d have to wonder how they’re going to get it down. Personally, I’d just throw rocks at it until it comes crashing down. But then again, if that’s on my house, it’s never coming down.

Hit the jump for more shots of the beauty and a short video of its construction.

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