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Darth Vader Blazer Is A Good Choice For Costume Parties/Weddings

Everyone’s favorite Star Wars character is Darth Vader, right? I mean mine is obviously Watto from Episode I, but only because I sympathize with his backstory (he likes money). But for everyone else Darth Vader is high on the list. Well, for years if you wanted to attend a Star Wars gathering and a wedding back-to-back you’d have to get changed in the car or in the bathroom of a 7-Eleven, but not anymore.

This is the Darth Vader Blazer, it’s made by Thinkgeek and it takes the iconic costume worn by our sand-hating antagonist and classy’s it up. It features dark patterns matching the costume, buttons with the Imperial symbol, and embroidered pattern resembling the buttons on the suit.

It will set you back $120, but I think it’s certainly good enough for your cousins wedding.

ThinkGeek ] VIA [ Geekologie ]