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DipClips Will Make It Safer For You To Drive And Dip McNuggies

If you’re the type of person who likes to eat your food while driving, you can know how dangerous it can be to hold your sauce in one hand and dip your Chicken McNuggies with the other, oh I guess you have to occasionally keep your steering wheel from veering you into oncoming traffic too, but whatever. For years, we’ve been crying out for a better solution, and now I think our prayers have been answered.

It’s called DipClip and it’s here to change your life. It’s a clip that attaches to your air vent, that will allow you to safely dip your nuggies or potato sticks in that sweet BBQ or Honey Mustard. I suppose you could also use it for Sweet and Sour sauce, but that’s gross, don’t do that.

It’s made of ABS plastic, so it should hold up pretty well, just don’t go slam dunking your nugs. And as you can tell, it’s design is intended to be compatible with most major fast food chains from Arby’s to some food chain that starts with Z.

Available for pre-order at Kickstarter for $10.

Hit the jump for more beautiful shots and a video of off-road dunking and driving.

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