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KFC Made a $10,000 Dome That Kills Internet Signals


KFC, those people that sell the chicken, have just launched their latest non-food product, a massive Faraday cage that can block our cellular signals. The company calls it the Internet Escape Pod, and it features a Colonel Sanders, resting like Snoopy over it’s dome structure, and a drumstick handle for the door to the cage.

The dome itself is constructed out of steel, stainless steel mesh and high density foam. And as only one of these architectural masterpieces exists, it’ll set you back a cool $10,000.

Now, why anyone would want to buy a $10,000 tent that looks like the Colonel had a stroke and fell on top is not something I thought I’d have to answer, so unfortunately I’m unprepared to sell you on the idea. But hey, I guess you could spend your money on worse things. Actually, no, this is probably the worst way.

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