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This Borg Computer Fits On Your Desk/Can Probably Destroy Alderaan

The Borg Cube is one of the most recognizable ships in all of science fiction. It’s so iconic that even I know what it looks like, and I’ve never even Star Trek. Well, now you can go out and buy your very own functional Borg Ship Computer. Neat.

It’s an officially licensed computer and comes in at a tiny 6x6x6 size, so it’s perfect for keeping on your desk, right next to Darth Vader. The computer itself even has pretty decent specs, with the base model including an i-3 7100 and can be optioned up to an i-7 7700K.

No word yet on whether this computer can be used to destroy Alderaan, but if I’m correct, than it can certainly bring unbalance to the force. Again, never seen Star Trek, but I’m sure there’s an Alderaan in there somewhere. Heck, there’s probably a Han Solo too, I mean who else is going to captain the main ship? Some bald British actor? Be serious.

Prices start at $599, so if you’re a fan of the show, pick one up and this thing will have your friends saying “That’s no moon!”.

“Hey writer, have you seen anything besides Star Wars?”


Cherry Tree ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]