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Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumor Mill: 3D Face Scanners and Magnetic Mods?

Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumor Mill: 3D Face Scanners and Magnetic Mods?

With this year’s update of the Galaxy S8, we saw a pretty big design change. Samsung moved the fingerprint sensor to the back, giving the phone much more free space on the front to stretch from a 5.1 inch flat screen to a 5.8 inch curved one. The overall design change left the S8 as one of the most beautiful phones ever released. Along with numerous other smaller changes, it was a pretty big update to the flagship line.

With that said, let’s take look at what is probably happening as well as what is not very likely to come to the S9 when it hits next Spring.

Probably Happening

The phone will likely get an upgrade to the processor and signs point to the Snapdragon 845. Once again, giving Samsung the best available option for Android phones, though the 845 won’t outperform Apple’s A11 chip.

It seems the phone will not get a bump to 6GB of memory like other phone manufacturers, instead sticking with 4GB. But may very well get a larger sized battery due to shrinking sizes with the chipset.

Also, there seems to be some debate, but most tend to think the phone will get either an under-the-glass fingerprint sensor on the front of the screen, or a 3D face scanning camera like the iPhone X.

There could also be a new hydrophobic coating on the screen allowing the phone to be used in the rain much easier, as Samsung licensed a new glass coating in 2016.

Hopefully, But Not Very Likely

Dual-Lens Camera: There are reports that Samsung wanted this for the S8, but fell short on time. Considering the new features it could bring to the camera, this one may actually be possible.

Lower Price: Haha, we can dream, can’t we?

1,000 fps Slo-Mo Camera: There seems to be some sources stating Samsung is working on a rear camera that can shoot at up to 1,000 fps. So, I wouldn’t rule this one out entirely. For comparison, the S8 maxes out at 240 fps at 720p.

Magnetic Modular Accessories: Just like Moto Mods, Samsung could support magnetic accessories that snap onto the phone to add things like a zoom lens, or battery pack, or a bunch of other things. This rumor comes from Eldar Murtazin, an analyst with a mixed history of rumors. So, maybe?

Bendable screen: This one is super unlikely, but rumors about Samsung’s interest in building a phone with a bendable display have been building for years, and they’ve even been showing off working prototypes of a bendable screen. A Samsung executive said it doesn’t plan to launch such a feature until at least 2019, but who knows?


That about wraps it up, but what do you think? Are any of these likely? And which featurea do you want to see most on the Galaxy S9?

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