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Porsche Passport: Renting Luxury Cars Like Blockbuster

Porsche Passport: Renting Luxury Cars Like Blockbuster

So you already pay $10 a month for Spotify, another $10 for Netflix, $25 for the gym and $80 for your cell phone, but Porsche wants to know, would you pay $2,000 a month to rent one of their cars?

With the Porsche Passport, you can rent much of the Porsche lineup pretty much like renting a movie form Blockbuster. You reserve your vehicle, and it gets delivered right to you. And when you’re finished, your car will get picked up and replaced by another one you’ve chosen, no tape rewinding necessary. They even deliver it to you with a full tank of gas, how thoughtful.

There are two tiers to select from, the aforementioned $2,000 tier includes access to the Cayman, Boxster, Macan and Cayenne, while the $3,000 tier throws in the 911 and the Panamera as well. Both plans also include an insurance policy with $1 million liability, and roadside assistance, full washes, etc.

They are starting the program in Atlanta for now, and will look to expand later. Look the math is pretty simple, Porsche’s are expensive, so if you’re willing to shell out $24,000 per year to constantly swap luxury cars like you’re playing musical chairs, than go for it. And if anyone has an extra 1-year, or even 6-month subscription-card laying around, I’ll gladly accept.

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