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Razer May Unveil A Smartphone on November 1st

Razer May Unveil A Smartphone on November 1st

Razer, the company behind some of gaming’s best peripherals, has released a teaser image for their upcoming event on November 1st. In the image you can see a person (probably a gamer) holding a small phone sized device.

There’s almost no real information on what a Razer smartphone might do or look like, but given the event’s mantra of ‘Watch, Listen, Play’ Razer’s phone could focus around display and sound quality.

Now, while this device will probably end up being a phone, it could also end up being a sort of portable gaming unit like what we’ve seen with the Nvidia Shield. Razer’s never made a purely gaming unit like that, but seeing as the Shield wasn’t much of a success, I’d certainly lean more towards the device being a Android smartphone.

Would you ever buy (or want) a Razer Smartphone? Even hardcore gamers would need some killer gaming features to have this compete with Android phones like the Note 8 or Pixel 2.

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