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Monthly Archives: October 2017

This Ferris Wheel/Tube Ride Has To Be The Most Amazing Thing I’ve Seen All Week

This is the Slidewheel. Developed by a German company, it’s a strange theme park ride that has riders on a 4-person tube going through a long bending tube that rotates like a Ferris wheel. The way it works is that it rotates its maze-like structure to let gravity propel tube riders forward.

It can accommodate 720 riders in an hour, and reaches a top speed of 25 mph. Though the riders are constantly ‘stuck’ momentarily, as they wait for ride to rotate enough for them to proceed. But let’s be honest this looks like the coolest thing ever invented and will be worth the 7-hour wait in line.

It’s still undergoing tests in Europe, which might result in some delays as every inspector who sees the structure mutters ‘What the f–k’ under their breath before fainting.

Hit the jump for an animated x-ray video of the ride to see how it actually works.

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The LaySee Pillow Is Made For People With Glasses

If you’ve ever tried to lay your head on a pillow while wearing glasses, you know how much of a pain it can be. And if you don’t wear glasses, then I’m happy for you, it must be nice to have functioning eyes.

For everyone else there’s LaySee, a pillow with contoured edges that allow you to lay your pretty head to rest while wearing glasses. I’m not saying it’s a good idea to sleep with glasses on (unless you’re trying to read your mind), but if you just want to rest your head and watch some Stranger Things then maybe you could use a LaySee Pillow.

It costs $79, but it’s made of premium materials. Now I just wonder if it work with people who wear contacts.

LaySeePillow ]

Google To Drop Everything To Address The Cheeseburger Emoji Situation

Now, I know everyone is thinking ‘what’s the big deal, Google has to deal with their cheeseburger emoji’? But if you look closely you can see that this cheeseburger has the cheese below the burger patty. That’s right, the world is coming to an end as we know it.

Thankfully, after having this problem pointed out by author and cheeseburger aficionado, Thomas Baekdal on Twitter, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai stepped in to announce that the company would drop everything to address the issue. I can’t believe they let it get this bad in the first place, I mean, even Apple got it right (though they did put the lettuce on the bottom and that’s also something I’m willing to bite someone over).

Hopefully this nightmare will be over soon, and we’ll have a normal bun->lettuce->tomato->cheese->patty->bun arrangement. Heck, I’ll even take bun->tomato- lettuce->cheese->patty->bun. Anything’s better than bun->tomato->lettuce->patty->cheese->bun. Please, anything but that.

This Hunger Games Theme Park in Dubai Doesn’t Really Get The Irony

The Hall of Heroes (Not Pictured: All the dead kids who were forced to fight each other)

The Motiongate Dubai theme park, has recently debuted their newest addition, a Hunger Games themed section. The section features a “Capitol Bullet Train” rollercoaster, the Hall of Heroes, and the Panem Aerial Tour multimedia experience.

I think they don’t quite understand the irony in having Hunger Games themed attractions, as the franchise revolves around a dystopian future where only rich residents enjoy a high standard of living and nearly everyone else suffers from poverty and starvation. There’s also that little detail where they make kids fight to the death annually for their amusement.

Honestly, if they’re going all in with Hunger Games attractions, they could do a little better. How about park staff dressed like Panem Officers who confiscate the food you just bought, flash mobs that every hour, pretend to riot to protest the wealthy. Of course, the main attraction would be the Hunger Games Experience where kids between the ages of 12 to 17 fight in mock version of the actual games. The losers are kicked out of the park, no refunds, while the winners get a $5 gift card.

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Nerf Powered Tennis Ball Launces Makes Playing With Your Dog Even Easier

Playing with dogs is great. You throw the ball, they run after it, and sometimes they even bring it back, it’s a lot of fun. But what if you could make it even more fun with a Nerf blaster that shoots tennis balls?

That’s exactly what the Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster does (not a very original name guys). Just load it up, pull back the mechanism and watch it fly up 50 feet away, hey at least it’ll save your arm from wearing out if you’re dog never wants to quit. You can also adjust the power between four different levels, based on how far your dog’s willing to run. “You want me to run that far?! Nah, you can get it yourself.”

It’s even hands-free pickup so you don’t have bend over and grab the ball everytime, just press the end of the gun against the ball on the ground and it’s loaded.

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Save 53% on iClever Kids Cat-Inspired Headphones, 63% on GlowBowl Toilet Nightlight, and 25% on Philips Hue Go

iClever Kids Headphones Over Ear

A possible Halloween costume props, this iClever Kids Headphones Over Ear will complete your kid’s cat costume. And she can use it beyond Halloween as her personal headphones. It’s cute and it works with virtually all smartphones and tablets. It’s having a 53% price slash off today, bringing the price down to only $19.

GlowBowl Activated Nightlight

You can dress up your toilet for Halloween night too with this GlowBowl Activated Nightlight. It’s motion activated and gives a soft glow. You don’t have to deal with blinding lights in the middle of the night. It’s down to $9 today.

Philips Hue Go Dimmable LED Smart Light

Lastly, there’s the Philips Hue Go Dimmable LED Smart Light that can spice up your Halloween parties. Capable of millions of colors and shades, it can sync to your music, movies, and games for a fun night! Instead of $60, you can get it at $20 discount from Amazon today.

Movie Review: Jigsaw

It’s been over 10 years since the death of serial killer John Kramer a.k.a. Jigsaw and just over 7 years since the last Saw movie was released. In the latest film, Jigsaw, bodies start turning up that fit the famous killer’s MO, and it’s up to the police to solve the case and find the copy-cat killer before all 5 of the next victims wind up dead.

Does this soft-reboot return with some of the raw impact and originality of the first Saw movie? Or is it as uninspired and needlessly complex as the later Saw films? Here’s my thoughts on the attempt to revive the holy grail of torture porn films. Or just skip to the end to see my score.

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Toothpick Crossbow Looks Fun/Super Dangerous

If you ever wanted to launch toothpicks up to 80 feet, that’s oddly specific, but the Ace Sniper might be for you. It’s a tiny metal crossbow that launches toothpicks like a medieval sniper.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “That sounds dangerous” well, it is. It’s 3 ounces of stainless steel retina-piercing fun. Use it at the office for lunchtime wars until someone receive an unintentional tracheotomy. It can even store additional injury-causing toothpicks in the chamber to maximize damage, I mean fun!

It’s available for $60. It’s seems pricey, but that build quality really makes sure that your ludicrously dangerous toy won’t break on you before you accidentally give your buddy some new piercings.

UncommonCarry ]

The ZTE Axon M Has Two Foldable Screens

It has two screens, what else should I say? Okay, okay, it’s got full HD resolution on both screens, a Snapdragon 821, 4 GB of RAM, and a 20MP camera that, I guess is for both front-facing and back-facing photos. Oh, and did I mention it has two freaking screens!

It’s the most unnecessary thing in the world, but it looks pretty cool. And it can be used in four different modes, Dual Mode does different apps on either screen, Extended Mode allows apps to fill up both screens for a larger image, Mirror Mode which mirrors the content on both sides, and traditional phone mode (boring….). Just imagine the possibilities of this thing if it doesn’t completely suck.

It’s coming to AT&T next month and will cost around $700. I don’t know about you guys, but I think I’ll wait until Apple throws their hat in the ring with the iPhone DS (the DS will stand for dual-screen and Apple will have invented that term).

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